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. member name: Thomassauerwein

Real name: Thomas Sauerwein

Home: Aliso Viejo, Ca.

Family: Wife Karen and Dog Watson

A Conversation with Thomas Sauerwein How did you first become interested in photography?
TS: In my early twenties my wife and I were out walking our dog, along the side of the road there was a backpack that had probably fallen from someone's bike. Well inside, there wasn't much except for this old Olympus 35mm camera with a half exposed role of film in it. So along the rest of the walk we
goofed around shooting each other and cooper the dog. We took the film immediately to have it processed hoping to find some hints as to who it may belong to. Well the camera was full of light leeks and the lens was unable to focus properly anymore, but this chance find has led to 20 years of photographic obsession.

APUG: Do you have a job aside from photography, or do you make your living as a photographer?
TS: No, photography is it, after I found that camera, I bought one for us to play with and the obsession grew from hobbyist,
to pro and then evolved from there.

APUG: How often do you photograph?
TS: Some times every day, sometimes only once or twice a week. Shooting is
only the smallest part, the planning, creating, conceptualizing and
visualization never stops. Pushing the button is where the magic comes
together but before and after there's a whole lot of stuff that makes it a
fulltime project.

APUG: What equipment do you use to make your photographs?
TS: It really depends on the image. Lately my favorite is a medium format
with swings and shifts on it. As far as lighting I use strobes most often.

APUG: What are your favorite types of subjects to photograph?
TS: Definitely the figure, But I'm willing to try almost anything. As a
commercial photographer I've shot everything from microchips to trains. My
wife and I have travelled most the United States with cameras in tow, I don't
think I've found anything I didn’t enjoy playing with photographically.


Is there a place that you would like to photograph but haven't visited yet?
TS: Yes. I'd like to go to Wales and do historical Photographic essay of
the transition from an independent Welch civilization to their assimilation
into England. From about 900 A.D to 1300 A.D This project will include
period cloths and armor inside what’s left of the castles and in the fields
of where some of battles took place during this transition.

  APUG: What is your favorite topic on
TS: The whole format is great, being able to submit and talk then get a
response or feedback with your same objectives is great for the craft.

APUG: Do you have any hobbies or things you like to do aside from photography?
TS: Yes, I like to paint. I go to a figure drawing group almost every
Saturday and spend my evenings working on what my wife calls photo surreal
styled paintings. I think the paintings and photography definitely feed each

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