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*before economic turmoil
$1 US dollar = as much as $2.20 NZ

Current rates avg nearly $1 less
About the current global economy and it's affect on APUG:

In the past APUG relied heavily on a few methods of survival:

1) Some of our members subscribing at higher rates than asked of them
2) The currency exchange rate (we are based in New Zealand)

For some time APUG has experienced a financial double whammy. With many people and companies cutting back, subscriptions and advertiser numbers have declined, and the willingness of members to commit to 12 month subscriptions or our more generous subscription offerings have also declined. Also, the New Zealand dollar has hit record highs for well over 2yrs. Before the global economic crises APUG would frequently get a 1 year subscription for $39.50 US, which would convert to $70.00 NZ dollars. For a niche site, that more generous payment plus a good currency exchange rate can make all the difference. However, in the current economic climate a typical subscription is now frequently $12.00 US, which now only converts to $13.50 NZ dollars. You can imagine when frequent subscriptions once bringing in $70 NZ to APUG drop to $13 NZ it is quite a blow. We are not pleading with you to contribute more, this message is so you know what APUG as a business entity has been facing during this time. We have recently migrated web hosts and done a lot of work behind the scenes to cut costs and find additional revenue. This has given some minor relief, but ultimately our lifeblood is and always has been the subscriber base. Any contribution you make is greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Various ways you can support APUG:

If you would like to subscribe to APUG please click here to be taken to our primary Paypal payment page (for additional payment options scroll down)

If you would like to learn how APUG came about, what subscribing has to offer and why we need your support click here.

You can now instantly gift a subcription to a member of APUG. Visit our main subscription page here:
Once there, click the "Gift" button and the system will guide you through the rest. To gift using a non-paypal method, use one of the alternate methods on this page, then contact us so we know who to apply the gift subscription to.

Send the payment to our paypal address: PHOTOCENTRICLTD@GMAIL.COM
(To subscribe to APUG using the paypal method please click here)
*We currently accept Visa and Mastercard. Making a payment is fast and secure but not the most user friendly, so please follow the instructions below.

Our company is based in New Zealand and our payment processing is in New Zealand Dollars, you will need to convert the required USD into NZD using the below converter (the rate may fluctuate slightly give or take a few cents per dollar).  Once you have the NZD amount click the next link to proceed and enter that amount:

Now that you know the NZD amount you can proceed to our payment page (it's very fast and no account creation required).  Enter the appropriate NZD amount and for "Reference" please ensure the reference is your APUG username (otherwise we have no way to determine who paid us). CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE TO THE PAYMENT PAGE.

We now accept payments via bitcoin. Currently this is available only for subscriptions or donations. If you wish to subscribe by bitcoin payment please contact me at we can work out the current price from there. If you wish to simply donate some bitcoin to APUG our bitcoin address is: contact us for current address
Please ensure the check is payable to "Photocentric Ltd." (my bank will not convert currency and deposit a check by any other name). The check can be any nationality. If it is a money order please ensure they have offices in New Zealand capable of cashing it. Some members send concealed cash as well. If you use that option my bank can convert the currency for me. Please contact me to for a current mailing address.