240 Sironar 100WFE Super Graphic Galvin RB-67 Adapter 8x10 4x5 2x3 & Nikon stuff

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  1. Thebes

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    Feb 16, 2009
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    My health has deteriorated to the point that can no longer do handheld photography. I am reorganizing all of my gear to better suit the needs of my health and hopefully raise funds towards a surgery.
    I accept paypal and postal money order, or gold silver or bitcoin at 5% below spot.
    I would consider trades, see my wants list at the end of this post.
    Pay by paypal or postal money order and I will give 1% of what I sell here to apug!

    Shipping is extra, USPS standard or priority, insured if you wish, from 87529. If you want I can estimate package size and weight, look it up, and give you a firm shipping quote. This takes time so please be serious if you want a firm shipping quote.

    I will add pix starting later today.

    Super Graphic Stuff
    1. Super Graphic VG+, w/ hood, minor chip in back, rangefinder works, accurate cam for included 127mm Ektar in Syncro Compur, elec shutter release WORKS w/ 5 infinity stops $335
    2. Cambo Reflex viewer, mirror was reset by PO and does not show top 1/2" in vertical config, shows considerable wear but works well $90
    3. Cambo reversible back, the screen half can be mounted on #1 to make use of #2, Ex cond, very nice w/ fresnel and gg, box $115
    #1 to #3 together as a package $520
    4. Package of Presslok Super Graphic tripod adapter, Super Graphic shutter and sync side-cable, #00, #1 and syncromatic (100 wfe) Super Graphic lensboards, Copal #3 pacemaker style lensboard $100
    #1 and #4 together $420
    #1 thru #4 all Super Graphic Stuff together as a package $600

    Glass (boards not included) ---
    5. 100mm Wide Field Ektar, Ex+, retaining ring, told CLA'd two years ago, front cap, looks great and shutter seems good to my ear. This is a very sharp lens, but I'd prefer a wider lens with more coverage. $275
    6. 240mm Sinaron-N f/5.6 in Copal #3, retaining ring, BGN due to dent in filter ring, fits my filters ok, F&R caps, speeds sound good glass looks Ex- $230
    7. sold elsewhere, number left for intersite consistancy
    8. Goerz Double-Anastigmat Type B Series Ic No. 5 10 3/4 inches, painted all black, old iris f-scale very old lens, mostly working studio shutter (iris not round, but works ok with long throw cable), flange, VG- but its a centenarian so feebay would say "amazing condition for the age", pre-Celor pre-Dogmar dialyte type $125
    9. 13,5 cm f/3.5 Carl Zeiss Jenna Tessar in barrel, minor haze, no flange, barrel and iris Ex- $125
    10. Betax No3, the above lens jam fits after a half turn or so Only B&T +1/50th work, slower speeds erratic, w/ above lens only, then add $25
    11. 162mm Ilex Acutar F/6.3 in Copal #0, modern tessar type, retaining ring, cocking arm cut short for recessed mounting but works fine, Ex-, speeds sound ok, F&R caps $150
    12. 210mm Topcor (Horseman) F/5.6 plasmat, modern coatings and design, Copal #1, iris marks but no grease, speeds sound good, retaining ring, F&R caps, 67mm filter threads, Ex cond, $160
    13. 114mm Tominon F/4.5, infinity optimized modern tessar type, originally from a Polaroid NPC in a Copal #0 but now set in a Prontor Press #0, speeds slow but seem usefully consistent, no preview lever use locking blub, Ex glass / cells, VG+ shutter $80
    14. 80mm Radionar f/2.9, fast triplet gets mushy and swirly in the corners at 6x9, covers ok at 6x7, intended for 6x6, slow speeds erratic fast speeds presumed 1-2 stops slow, focusing mount so you get a variable length lens! Funky wide angle for the Galvin, barely infinity focuses on Galvin w/ flat board, movements but lacks coverage with movements on recessed board, no preview lever use locking bulb. Ex- $70
    15. RB67 180mm K/L, Ex+, speeds sound fine, fits the Galvin with the adapter board offers moderate movements, world class sharpness, front cap $110
    16. RB67 150mm Soft Focus with one disc, VG+ with Ex- glass, aperature ring a little loose, speeds ok, fits the Galvin with that adapter so you really do need this and that Galvin too, front cap, $110
    17. RB67 90mm C, speeds fine, Ex except that there is pair of tiny nicks in rear element circled in pic, speeds sound fine, offers considerable movement on the Galvin, F&R caps $90
    18. Nikon AF 20mm f/2.8, with hood and caps, significant coating issues / scuffs on front, minor coating scuffs rear- very sharp but flares somewhat more than the stock lens, hood is now a must- else Ex, bargain priced at just $165
    19. Tamron Nikon mount 35-105mm f/2.8 SP AF ASL, w/ hood, pro series quality but zoom loose, else Ex-, front cap $115

    Galvin 6x9 120 Roll Film View Camera Outfit
    20. Galvin body w/ single rail, most roll film backs will fit under the bail! Includes 1 recessed board, 3 flat boards, Polaroid Back! (takes current fuji Fp-100c) and homemade RB-67 lens Adapter Board! Ex- cond, $420
    21. Graphic "23" 6x9 120 roll film back, has PIN ROLLERS but knob for easier winding on the Galvin (both kinds fit), nice, good spacing and flatness, $80
    22. RB67 Pro-S back, 6x7 back fits above camera or RB67, no light leaks on me but occasionally jams after shot #10 needs darkness to unjam, [no picture] $30
    #20 thru #22 $500
    #20 and any RB67 lens, take $10 off your total per lens
    #20 and #23, take $25 off your total

    23. RB-67 Pro-S with rapid wlf, 120 back, BGN condition but works I've used on several shoots, back locking slide is sometimes finicky, $200
    #23 and any RB67 lens take $10 off your total per lens, or $15 total per lens if you are already buying #20 as well
    24. Unmetered RB-67 Prism, Ex, $30 w/ #23 else $35

    8x10 stuff
    25. 2x ANSCO 8x10 film holders, tape started coming up on the hinges of one so I masking taped it down for the last shoot I used them on, hinge tape should be replaced but otherwise they seem fine, heavy, $50
    26. Calumet C-1 metal lensboard with hole sized for Acme #4, fits round corner Deardorffs, very solid, $35

    TRADES DESIRED: Ideally I would like to put aside some cash for my surgery and end up with:
    -Minolta Autocord
    -4x5 of 5x7 wood field camera with plenty of bellows, swing and tilt plus at least direct rise, if it lacks direct shift it must have ample swings on both standards, should be under 8lbs, preferable lighter. 2 feet wouldn't be too much bellows but I would consider as little as 15" if it was really light and I haven't bought a longer lens
    -90mm Ilex Wide Field or other high coverage and inexpensive 90 with modernish coatings
    -180mm-250mm to cover up to 8x10 and light
    -360-450mm coated process lens to fit 4" board
    -longer coated telephoto I can fit to a 4" board
    -quality mat cutter
    -matting and framing supplies
    -wet plate stuff
    -Nikon 35mm f/1.8 Dx (in my defense my old one covered full frame with some fall off from wfo to f/5.6 and smaller at portrait distances, nice romantic effect actually)
    -Nikon 18-105mm VR or similar general purpose DX lens w/ ok macro capability (uhm... gotta take pictures of my analog stuff clearly)
    -some tack sharp and macro capable Nikon mount zoom-glass at least 24mm wide and 70mm long, preferably full frame so I can use it on my N90 too
    -film or fb paper, maybe
    -ortho-litho, alt process stuff maybe
    -16x20 or 20x24 4-bladed easel
    -ultra low water consumption (only! Eco Cachet or similar) 8x10 or 11x14 washer
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    Apr 28, 2011
    Adelaide, So
    Multi Format
    PM sent.
  3. Thebes

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    Feb 16, 2009
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    After another two crohn's flares and some consideration I am taking the Super Graphic outfit and the 100 wfe off of the market. Given my health it makes little sense in selling it just to buy another 4x5 and another wide angle for it. I might consider trades of these items for a light weight field camera with at least 14 inches of bellows, preferably more, and lighter than my S.G. and a modern coatings 90mm.

    Some price reductions-
    6. 240mm Sinaron-N f/5.6 in Copal #3 REDUCED TO $210
    11. 162mm Ilex Acutar F/6.3 in Copal #0 REDUCED TO $135
    12. 210mm Topcor (Horseman) F/5.6 in Copal #1 REDUCED TO $145
    13. 114mm Tominon F/4.7 REDUCED TO $75
    15. RB67 180mm K/L, Ex+, REDUCED TO $100
    16. RB67 150mm Soft Focus with one disc, VG+ with Ex- glass, REDUCED TO $100
    18. Nikon AF 20mm f/2.8, ugly, w/ hood- REDUCED TO JUST $150
    19. Tamron Nikon mount 35-105mm f/2.8 REDUCED TO $105
  4. Thebes

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    Feb 16, 2009
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    The 240mm Sironar-N is in Keh BGN condition, a real value and the glass is still nice, it has a dent on the filter ring but my filters still screw on. It comes with non-original caps that work. Shutter speeds sound good. Get it and go make some pictures, or not and I'll keep it - but its a bit heavier than I want for a long 4x5 short 8x10 lens.

    240-2.jpg 240-3.jpg

    Goerz Doppel Anastigmat 10 3/4" - An odd one and an old one, this lens it between 100 and 115 years old by my recollections of the research from when I got it from Mr Galli. Someone once painted it black. It even has a little paint on the glass, but nothing that should keep it from being useful. The glass is otherwise quite decent for its age. This is a 4 /4 design that predated the Celor and Dogmar. With flange. Studio Shutter actually works... mostly, the iris is no longer round but it opens and closes quickly when used with a long throw release.

    doubleanast1.jpg doubleanast2.jpg

    Ilex Acutar 162mm f/6.3 in Copal #0. This is a modern tessar type similar in construction and performance to the longer Kodak Commercial Ektars. Cocking lever was previously shortened. A great little lens, an affordable and lightweight alternative to the 150 and 180 plasmats.

    acutar1.jpg acutar2.jpg

    210mm Topcor (Horseman) plasmat, covers 4x5 with tons of movement I'm sure it probably covers 5x7. Very sharp, very contrasty, very modern look. I squeezed the aperture mounting it a few years ago and got some grease on the iris, cleaned it, and have used it for several hundred shots- it is still fine. The speeds sound good too me. Takes 67mm filters. Overall it is Ex to Ex- condition depending upon how picky you are about dust and perhaps minor cleaning marks, can't tell for sure with my eyesight. Caps fit very well. An excellent value soley because its from Topcor rather than Nikon or Fuji, its just as good.

    topcor1.jpg topcor2.jpg
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    Feb 16, 2009
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    Galvin 2x3 monorail outfit. This comes with a custom adapter allowing for the use of RB67 lenses and their shutters.

    Jim Galvin built these cameras largely by hand. Remember that and be amazed with the quality and utility of his creation. Don't expect a Linhoff from it. The camera is a very light, small and usable view camera. It is more usable than any other 2x3 view camera because you do not need to take the back off to use it with standard roll film holders. The available Graphic 23 holder just slips on under it! An RB67 120 back slides right in with nary a hassle. Its quick and easy to use RFHs with this camera.

    The camera had an available rail extension, this camera does not have one whether from the factory or not I don't know. The included rail is suitable for use with up to 210mm lenses for portraits, I often used my 210 Topcor on it. It has the full 14" (?) of bellows if one found the extra rail bit. It is pretty quick to remove the standards from the rail and often transport the camera that way. For use with RB67 lenses I typically put both standards on the rear side of the block to better balance the RB's lenses.

    The outfit comes with one recessed board, three flat boards (2 aluminum one steel), and the RB67 to Galvin adapter board. The adapter board uses a small lever to cock and preview on the RB67 lens. You use the Mirror-Up on-lens shutter release, open and cock the lens in one motion, return the lens to open position for focusing, then move the lever far the other way to close and ready it, release with the on-lens release, and repeat. One notable effect of this single lever setup is that you must put in a dark-slide between shots as the lens opens during the cocking procedure. Another is that the lens automatically stops down- you focus at wide open regardless of selected aperature and you preview using the on-lens preview lever. A final note is that presuming you are focused at infinity, your RB67 lenses are all focused at the same bellows extension- in practice this makes lens changes much faster because you are not racking the bellows to change the lens.

    Btw, I've had two Galvins now. This one has a much better back than the other I owned and the focus matches well. The Polaroid back also registers well, at least I can see no focus shift on the prints, I've never tried scanning the negs.

    I should note that the adapter board is obviously of home brew construction. It has a part of the sideplate replaced with gaffers tape, the cocking lever is made from plumbers tape, and the board is wood with black acrylic used for light-proofing. Incidentally that is the same method used on the Galvin polaroid back- whether he made that or not I can't be 100% certain, his gear also often shows itself as having been handmade. That said, this outfit is highly functional.

    BTW, did anyone mention how cheap RB67 glass is lately? Or how very sharp it is compared to typical 2x3 lenses that don't cost a small fortune? This is a dirt cheap way to get into high quality 6x9 View Camera use because you can have any RB67 lens and they all cost a song and a dime! The 90 is sickeningly good. The 180 is tack sharp wide open in ways you don't get with 4x5 plasmats. If I keep it I want a 350 APO... one neat thing is that the wind seems to sweep around these lenses more easily than around a bunch of bellows.

    You may never find another outfit like this.
    Darkcloth not included, $15 extra, is a d-slr raincover.

    galvin1.jpg galvin2.jpg galvin3.jpg galvin4.jpg rbgavlinadapter.jpg polaroid1.jpg

    Mamiya RB-67 Pro-S with Pro 6x7 120 back and Waist Level Finder. What can I say, great value, everyone should have a couple. This one is a good user grade outfit, works well, I had no light leaks with it and it had the seels replaced by the prior owner. There is a small operational issue, when sliding the top magazine release, it sometimes catches as if the darkslide lock were engaging, fiddle with a bit and it is fine again, but I wanted to mention it.

    rb67-1.jpg rb67-2.jpg rb67back.jpg

    RB67 unmetered prism, Ex condition, pretty clean, I never use it and it looks like its former owner rarely did either.

    rb67prism1.jpg rb67prism2.jpg

    Mamiya Rb67 90mm C. This would be an excellent example of the lens except for a pair of tiny nicks on the rear element that you will only notice when cleaning it. If used on the Galvin it offers considerable movements! Shutter sounds good. My exposures have been good. Comes with front and rear caps.

    rb90-1.jpg rb90-2.jpg

    Mamiya RB67 150mm Soft Focus, includes one disc, shutter sounds ok, glass is still pretty nice but not pristine. The aperture ring is a little loose and the lens body shows more wear than the glass, I'd call the cosmetics Vg+. Put it on the Galvin and pretend you bought an Imagon!

    soft1.jpg soft2.jpg
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    Feb 16, 2009
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    The reflex viewer and cambo back have been sold.
    The 100WFE +sg board, 150 and 180 RB67 lenses are also gone.
    The 240 has been traded, and I am no longer looking for a wide angle.

    *** Bump Time Price Reductions ***
    #20, Galvin outfit with custom made RB67 lens adaptor, lens boards, recessed board, AND Polaroid back (takes current Fuji film @ only 85 cents per) now $390
    #21, the 6x9 graflex pin roller back, reduced to just $70

    Feel free to make offers, especially if you want more than one thing!

    ANSCO film holders, $25 each plus shipping. Wow that's cheap, someone buy these before I take my plane to the edges and make them fit my C1. One or both. I'll throw in some random bit from my junk-drawer if you buy both!
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    Feb 16, 2009
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    Jun 3, 2013
    Hi, do you happen to have any pictures of the Nikon AF 20mm f/2.8? Thanks.
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