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    Jan 7, 2004
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    fyi. Excerpts from a note to Maco business partners. I think the items to the right are those that Maco offers as replacements for the items listed to the left. The language is copied verbatim. The note does not say the listed papers will be discontinued. I'm not sure what the writer means when he says Ilford will ".... CONVERT the real existent stock of non converted products." Any guesses?

    Ilford has stopped the production of chemicals
    Perceptol -LP-Cube XS or Rollei RLS
    ID 11 -LP-SUPERGRAIN or Rollei RHS
    Microphen -Champion Promicrol
    Ilfosol S -one shot -LP-SUPERGRAIN
    Ilfotec LC29 -Champion Promicrol
    Ilfotec HC -nothing to offer
    Ilfotec DD -Champion Promicrol
    Phenisol -LP-Docufine HC
    Ilfotec HC -nothing to offer -Promicrol is to slow
    Bromophen -LP-FINE PRINT #LPP65 for 5l
    PQ Universal -ecoprint or, better: LP-BROM 4 new version
    Multigrade dev. -LP-BROM 4
    Ilfospeed dev. -LP-BROM 4
    2000 RT -LP-SPEED 2000 RT
    2000 TL -LP-SPEED TL
    Hypam -LP-FIX SUPRA
    Rapid hardener -LP-FIX HARDENER
    ILFOFIX powder -only per special order, minimum 200 x 5 l
    Paper Fixer -LP-FIX SUPRA
    2000 RT Fixier -LP-FIX SUPRA
    2000 TL complete set-LP-2000 TL complete set #LPP24
    Ilfostop -LP-CITRIN
    Washaid -nothing to offer, because of LP-FIX NEUTRAL no
    Ilfotol -LP-MASTERPROOF (much better, there is no
    Ilfoclean -nothing
    Bioclean -nothing
    MG Filter Set -LP #FIL8 + #FIL15
    Controlstrips -R3 Controlstrips #RF4035

    Multigrade MG -Multispeed is coated onto a thicker base, a little
    MG de Luxe warmer image tone, higher silver content. (Like
    Multicontrast 1:1)
    MG IV RC 1M -MS 1F (310)
    MG IV RC 44M -MS 2M (312)
    MG IV RC 25M -nothing to offer, sorry
    MG Portfolio -nothing to offer
    MG RC Warmtone -nothing to offer
    Ilfospeed RC -special order, minimum 2.500 EURO, 6-7 weeks
    MG IV FB 1K -Multibrom F oder Oriental VC-FB
    MG IV FB 5K -nothing to offer
    MG FB Warmtone -Oriental VC-FB-Warmtone
    Ilfobrom Galerie FB -Oriental New Seagull G

    In the next three months the Ilford Mobberley company will CONVERT the
    real existent stock of non converted products. In gigantic volumes. To
    higher prices
    as before. Does the "old" factory in Scotland will find an investor?
    Nobody knows.

    Some new informations round around the MACO product range:
    MULTIBROM F -continous production, old prices.
    expo RF 2+3+4 -see Multibrom F, but 10% higher prices.
    expo RF -CHLOROBROMID-Emulsion, like Agfa Record Rapid.
    ORIENTAL VC -new: German converting into 10 sheet pouches.
    #AGV17F 30x40/10 € 23,60
    #AGV19F 40x50/10 € 39,70
    #WT17F 30x40/10 € 26,00
    #WT19F 40x50/10 € 44,80
    CHAMPION MACO ist selling two different CHAMPION
    PROMICROL Negativ-developer
    MULTICONTRAST Positiv-Edeveloper.
    PROMICROL 1l conc. 1+9 or 1+14, 6 bottles per
    Article #CF11 € 9,90,
    MULTICONTRAST 5l, 1+2 bis 1+12,2 cans per carton,
    Article #CP15 € 34,90,

    Please note:
    in JANUARY 2005 MACO is cutting every "crazy size" of R3 sheet films.
    For example: 7"x17"; 11"x14"; 16x20" and so on.
    Minimum order quantity: 50 sheets per size.
    The price is € 86,11 per sqm.
    With this information everyone should be able to calculate his own
    special size based onto 50 sheets as an order minimum.
    7"x17"/50 total € 333,00
    11"x14"/50 total € 422,00
    16"x20"/50 total € 888,00
    20"x24"/50 total € 1.334,00
    (all films are packed as 5x10 sheets).
    31. January 2005 order arrival in Hamburg/Germany.
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    Oct 4, 2004
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    "Does the "old" factory in Scotland will find an investor? Nobody knows."

    Scotland? Mobberley is just outside Manchester...

    "ID 11 -LP-SUPERGRAIN or Rollei RHS" So, not D76 then?....

    Clearly, neither English, nor Geography featured heavily in this writers education. I do note however that Maco are selling Champion chemicals, and Champion were one of the companies suggested who could make Ilford chemicals in future. Possibly some "chemical leakage" between Champion and Maco has occured...

    Cheers, Bob.
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    Jan 29, 2004
    Maco has a deal with Champion for Europe and that is what I think they are trying to say.
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    According to Silverprint:

    "Look to an announcement in December regarding Ilford's future - and by this stage we can be sure that it will be good news.
    Ilford material is rolling in to us as usual, (6/11/04) and we are well stocked on film and paper - the exception is their chemistry, where manufacture is to be subcontracted out to an outside chemical manufacturer. Most Ilford chemicals are now out of stock and it will be December 04 at the earliest before supply is resumed."

    Yes, Ilford are in trouble. Yes, the chemicals have been subcontracted out. Yes, there is a hiatus in supply. I'm sure we all hope that these problems will be resolved. If they aren't we will be forced to seek alternatives. But...

    ...they ain't dead yet.

    I've always had a good opinion of Maco. I hope they don't spoil that now by acting like a circling vulture....
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    Jun 16, 2004
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    The price increase for a lot of Ilford's chemical products is true.

    SFX is discontinued. The chance of coming back is there but slim.

    The good side of this news is, other Ilford films are not discontinued at this time.
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    I guess, they mean "konfektionieren", at 4:30 a.m. I can not think of the english words, so "cut to size" should give you an idea.

    I found certain original products to be cheaper than the same material boxed as Maco, so we use the bright orange boxes (easier to find in the darkroom anyway) from Agfa.

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    Alles Klar.