Bronica S2a w/50mm F3.5 Nikkor-H Lens Question

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    I'm new to APUG and I'm hoping that someone here can answer my question. I recently purchased a Bronica S2a from KEH and a 50mm Nikkor-H F3.5 lens for it from eBay. What I'm concerned about is the lens. It looks optically fine and mechanically sound from a glance. However, I don't see any aperture blades when I look in the lens. Is this normal? The aperture dial on the lens turns fine and makes the expected "click" sound on each setting. When I see other pictures of the same 50mm lens, they look just like this one, no blades. I'm 100% new to Bronica's, never owned or operated one in my life. I have and work with Hasselblad, Rollei 6008i, & Mamiya cameras and am quite used to them. I'm just questioning the lens because I had some iffy communication from the seller of the lens on eBay and want to make sure I haven't just bought a paper weight. Thank you in advance for any light you can shed on this.

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    Not all lenses automatically stop down while not mounted on a camera. There should be a lever on the rear of the lens that will "stop-down" the lens.
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    It's normal that you don't see the aperture blades when moving the aperture ring. The camera stops down the lens automatically.

    To check that the aperture works as it should: With the lens off the camera, push the little lever at the back of the lens to see if the aperture moves. Or you can have the lens on the camera and check this with with the stop down button on the camera.

    I also recommend that you read the manual:

    Good luck with your new camera and lens! I use my S2A a lot, and am very happy with it. The lenses are generally very good, both the Nikkors and the Zenzanons.