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    Received the following message from Dick.
    I took Dick's Platinum/Palladium Masters workshop at the Formularly this summer -- if you are an experienced Platinum Printer, you will learn a lot at his workshop. Dick shares everything he knows at his workshops.
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    PS I have no ties with Dick, financially or otherwise. I've landscape photographer (although I was doing silver back in those days).

    Dear Colleague,

    Here is the information on my first 2008 workshop. I will be in Italy until
    November 1, 2007 so if you are interested, please contact me by e-mail.

    Flagstaff, AZ March 16-20. 2008

    With Mike Kreman and Alan Spiegler

    After Technique- The Visual Aspects of Pt/Pd Printing
    From Your Image to the Final Print

    This class is open to intermediate/advanced Pt/Pd printers working with
    either in-camera or digitally generated negatives. Emphasis will be placed
    on the steps of pre-visualization, optimizing the potential of suitable
    images and ultimately, the making of the final print to communicate the
    student's vision to the viewer.

    Presentations will be given on the work of notable Pt/Pd printers to
    demonstrate the uniqueness of the Pt/Pd print and aid the student in
    determining the types of visual statements most appropriate to the medium.
    Portfolios will be reviewed to identify the unique personal vision of each

    To achieve the goals of the Master Class, processing methods will be
    presented in combination with various papers suitable for Pt/Pd printing.
    Field trips are planned, and a laboratory and computers necessary to make
    images will be provided on site.

    It is suggested that those students working with in-camera negatives have a
    working knowledge of basic metering and negative making techniques. These
    techniques are covered extensively in my book, Platinum & Palladium
    Printing. 2nd edition, available at dick.arentz@nau.edu.

    For those students working with digitally generated negatives, Mark Nelson's
    method will be used. Students should have a working knowledge of that
    process and, ideally, come to the workshop with negatives printed using that
    method. Mark Nelson's CD, Precision Digital Negatives, is available from
    Mark at precisiondigitalnegatives.com.

    Registration Fee 725.00.

    Contact Dick Arentz for further information at:
    1640 N. Spyglass Way
    Flagstaff, AZ 86004
    (928) 526-2404 Fax (928) 526-2523
    Dick Arentz
    1640 N. Spyglass Way
    Flagstaff, AZ 86004
    928 526-2404
    Fax 928 525-2523
    Mobile 928 699-1360
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    Jan 18, 2006
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    the PS should read:
    ...I've known Dick for two decades - back when I was living in Arizona he was also a local landscape photographer...