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    Jul 23, 2005
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    I have what looks to be a dirty / cloudy viewfinder Moskva 2.
    It looks like a simple task to remove and clean.I removed two screws on
    top of the finder. any tips? nothing seemed to loosen this device. Thanks Cliff
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    Jan 20, 2006
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    According to my copy of Isaak Maizenberg's "All You Need to Know About Design and Repair of Russian Cameras" (self published, NO ISDN number or LOC number), you need to;

    "Dirty Rangerfinder Block: The rangefinder prism block and the protective glass on the top shield gradually become dirty which significantly worsens the visibility. Therefore, they should be cleaned regularly, every 6-12 months. To do that, after unscrewing the two screws 6 (Fig. 32) and the eyepiece 8, remove the protective shield 7. With a piece of cotton dipped in alcohol, wipe all prism block surfaces not covered with flat paint; the eyepiece 8 and the protective glass on the shield..."

    There is much more on the camera, but this is the limit I feel comfortable about posting; well within fair-use I think...

    If you are serious about keeping your Russian (i.e., Former Soviet Block) cameras healthy, I highly suggest this book, but be ready for sticker shock; I bought mine in 2001 shortly after the author died and it cost $50 new. Hopefully, the price has eased a bit and you could find a used copy for less, but at the time, it was very uncertain if the book would ever be reprinted and it was one of the few new copied the store had, so I paid the premium.

    FYI: www.camerabooks.com is where I bought it...

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