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    I have to.

    Selling two Nikon bodies and a Nikkor lens.

    1) Nikon F3P - camera works, is in BGN grade, but will need an overhaul sometime in the future. Shutter speeds are spot-on through 1/500. 1/1000 is 1/2 stop off - fires at 1/750, and 1/2000 is a stop off, so it fires at 1/1000. Also, the LCD is getting flaky. I have a replacement that will be included with the camera, which was installed in a previous F3 body of mine that had serious shutter issues. In good working order, an F3P usually goes for about $350-$400 in BGN grade, without MD-4. Camera comes with instruction book, a P screen installed, and has new mirror cushion and seals on the back. Am leaving the DK-18 eyepiece adapter with the camera, and there's a generic body cap included. $250.00, plus shipping gets it.

    2) Nikon F2AS with 50/2 Nikkor-H AI'd. BGN grade body. Some brassing and some minor dings next to the advance lever. Shoots fine. Shutter speeds seem accurate, but haven't been machine tested, unlike the speeds on the F3, which were. Meter is accurate and smooth in operation, but hasn't been upgraded with the Sover Wong heavy-duty lifetime ring resistor. Camera should be refoamed, but is useable as is. Lens is pretty clean, has some minor wear on the focusing ring. Aperture ring is almost new, having been replaced about a month or so ago. Lens has 52mm "Nikkor" cap and HS-2 lens hood. Am including a halfway decent F2AS instruction book with the kit. $275.00, plus shipping for this one. Yes, it's $21.00 more than a BGN grade F2AS body from KEH, but it also comes with the extra items.

    DSC_1798.JPG DSC_1809.JPG DSC_1808.JPG DSC_1807.JPG DSC_1806.JPG DSC_1805.JPG DSC_1804.JPG DSC_1803.JPG DSC_1802.JPG DSC_1810.JPG

    Buy both for $475 shipped US only (international shipping extra). PayPal fine, as is cash, if local.

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