Enterprise 2 photo processor by king concept corporation - more info?

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    Just described to me with the above 'Enterprise 2 photo processor by king concept corporation' if I remember right.

    Can't find it on google, any one?
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    Would photos of an Enterprise 8300 Photo Processor be of any assistance? I'm afraid they're part of an old ebay listing, but perhaps they'll give you an idea of what's been described to you?
    Incidentally, it was listed as RRP $4500 and up for grabs for $600. Didn't sell. Relisted. Sold for $150, one bidder only.
    Anyway, here are the photos: Enterprise 8300 Photo Processor KingConcept from Working Darkroom Lab

    Additional information: The original founder of King Concept, Roger King, replied to someone's query about the King Concept ImageMaker II on another forum (the company was taken over by Arkay so more search results come when including that). Anyway, he lists his email address at the end of his post and may still be able to be contacted, although the response was written back in 2003: Roger King of King Concept Corp.
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