Figure and Portrait workshop in Oregon.

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    Figure and Portrait workshop in Mosier, Oregon.
    September 15-17 2006 Ray Bidegain and Lorraine Richey
    Limited to 19 students. Tuition is $360.
    One of the greatest challenges in art-making is the human figure study. In photography, the genre of the nude comes with a set of issues and problems that need to be recognized and resolved by the artist. During this workshop set on a private estate in Mosier, Oregon, students and instructors will be able to explore together the many aspects of figure photography: how to use outdoor lighting, props, architectural and natural backgrounds, how to work with a model to create poses that best reveal form and line. Expression and mood will also be explored to help photographers make images with a sense of power and sensuality.
    Students will have two different approaches to learn from. Ray Bidegain, who follows the more traditional work of Edward Weston and Imogene Cunningham, combines the nude and the portrait, lending his subjects a luminous presence in the final photograph. Using an 8x10" camera and printing in platinum, he produces work with a vintage look and feel. Lorraine Richey employs a more experimental approach using multiple exposures, large- and medium-format cameras, Polaroid film manipulations and other creative ways of communicating through her photographs.
    This workshop will be broken up into two groups, one per instructor. Students, models and instructors will rotate throughout the day, giving the students and instructors many opportunities to work together.
    The workshop is limited to 10 students, and there will be a total of 6 models during the two days of photography. Participants will have plenty of time to work with a model and to share images with the instructors and fellow students.
    This is a great way to get started in figure photography, or to reinvent yourself. All formats are welcome.
    For more information contact Robert at this email or call at 503-614-0161. Visit PPF at for more workshops or its monthly meetings.