FS: ARCA-Swiss 8x10 Model A Rear Format Frame and Function Carrier

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    Here's another great, hard to find item for all of you Franken-ARCA camera project builders. This is the 8x10 rear format frame and rear function carrier for an ARCA-Swiss Model A (axis tilts) camera. No ground glass back is included. This was from another of my uncompleted camera building projects.

    The plan was to adapt an 8x10 back from another camera (Calumet, Cambo, Sinar, or maybe even a wooden back to save weight) and get a custom bellows made, and voila, 8x10 Franken-ARCA.

    A few things of note:

    As illustrated in the photos to come, between the format frame and function carrier, you get the following movements:

    Rear Rise 5.25"

    Rear Axis Tilt +/- 30 degrees

    Rear shift +/- 3.5"

    Rear Swing Limited by bellows

    The level on the side of the format frame contains fluid and is functional. The level on the function carrier has lost its fluid.

    The included function carrier is a special, heavy duty version that was exclusive to the 8x10 Model A. It's larger, heavier and stronger than the standard Model A function carrier for the 5x7, 4x5 and 6x9cm models. Please also note, this function carrier will only work with the 8x10 format frame and not the format frames for the smaller format (the dovetail base of the 8x10 format frame is wider than the ones for the smaller formats). Basically, this is a super heavy duty function carrier that was designed specifically to support the added weight of the 8x10 back and format frame. As such, it would also be an ideal platform for a DIY ULF Franken-ARCA project.

    Of course, the function carrier is fully compatible with all ARCA-Swiss rails, past and present.

    Here's a few photos of the format frame and function carrier:




    And some more photos showing the camera movements available with this combo:

    Rear Axis Tilt:



    Rear Rise:


    Rear Swing:


    $250 + shipping