FS: Aztek DPL8000 drum scanner--ready to scan!!!

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    Hey all,

    Well, after some deliberation, I've decided to sell my drum scanner. I love it to death, but honestly, I'm not giving it enough work. And for such a fine tool to sit 29days/month unused on average, I don't want it to sit any longer.

    So, I've decided to get a Kodak Eversmart Supreme II instead. Selling my scanner to help fund the purchase of the Supreme II. I've seen these scanners in person before, and I feel that they'll more than meet my requirements for image quality in scans from my negatives and transparencies of all sizes. I don't print large(generally 16x20 and smaller), so 8000dpi usually is pretty irrelevant to me(unless scanning 35mm for bigger prints, but I rarely shoot 35mm anymore).

    Included in the sale is the following items all together:

    1. Drum scanner(DPL8000, same internals mostly as the current "Premier" drum scanner)
    2. (2) Drums (up to 8x10" film maximum). Both drums have some light scratches and some minor crazing. One more than the other. I used the drum w/ more crazing to mount 4x5 and smaller formats. Its worked great for that purpose. 8x10 and everything else under can be mounted on the other drum no sweat.
    3. Mounting station(newest version w/ black roller)
    4. Computer(4-core Intel chip, 4gb ram, Win7 Ultimate, DPL 7.84 Standard version(no custom CMS file creation capabilty unlike the full version which allows you to make custom settings)
    5. (1) bottle each of drum mounting fluid + drum cleaner
    6. SCSI cable(connecting scanner to computer)
    7. ~21" CRT Mitsubishi Diamondtron monitor. SICK monitor(in a good way!) Very accurate, and was essentially unused when I got it from Aztek.

    The scanner was tuned up in January of this year(2012) at Aztek. Evan has been a tremendous help in getting this going for me, and I'm assured will be a great help to whomever decides to purchase this scanner.

    I'm looking for $10,000 for the whole setup NET to me.

    I'd really prefer an in-person pickup, since I'm not very comfortable shipping items this heavy, nor expensive, I'd prefer to see it go to someone local if possible. However, if you're really open to buying, and truly interested, I can get quotes on crating and freight shipping to your location. You'll cover all shipping and custom fees/duties. It won't be cheap however, FYI.

    Please feel free to send me any offers of trade if you have an Eversmart Supreme II(preferably Kodak branded, so a later-produced model) w/ both the standard base glass(A/R coating), and the A/N wet-mount glass+wet mount station.
    Preferably a "turnkey" system as well(so a G5 mac), ready to scan asap w/o any hassle. Software and all.




    more pictures(and 2 videos of the scanner in action too [​IMG]) can be seen here: