FS: Caltar 215mm f4.8 series S convertible lens

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    hey all,

    i need more ammo!

    Ilex - calumet Caltar 215mm f4.8 series S convertible lens in a acme #3 shutter. this is a super underrated lens. it just barely covers 8x10 stopped down (if you are a very discriminating user then it is a better 5x7 lens for sure) it is marked with both aperture scales as well.

    it functions as it should. glass is nice. no surprises. flange included. speeds are surprisingly right on. the top two speeds run a whisper slow at 1/80 and 1/125 respectively. all others are nearly right on.

    a great lens for 5x7 with some nice movements. it creates great portraits wide open and when converted is sweet as well. a great value. how about $199 OBO.

    photos here.



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