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Fuji Gx680 III old film holder compatibility

Discussion in 'Medium Format Cameras and Accessories' started by enricovic81, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. enricovic81

    enricovic81 Member

    Aug 10, 2012
    Medium Format

    I have a Fuji Film GX680 III, latest model.

    I have been using it until now only with Polaroid back, two days ago
    I finally decided to make the big step and start using the FUJI GX680 - otherwise I use hasselblad or mamiya rz 67 which I really love- with the film back and have nmy 120 rolls developed and scanned.
    But there is s trange behaviour
    The strange behavior is the following. At one point the camera did not work anymore, either the mirror -up button either the shutter firing from the camera and the shutter release, I checked everyhting - lense attachment, film back attachment- all seemed alright. I even thought that I had broken it due to the use of Vivitar 283 - maybe the voltage is too high but do not think so, it should be a problem only with digital as far as I understood. Anyway at the end, it all started working again, I think i had switched the button on the shutter release, so that that one was locked and also the mirror up button was locked and the shutter firing from the camera too.
    But then what happened is that when I put the film back back on the camera to take pictures, when I take the sliding insert out, the back just revolves automatically the film roll inside. It happened with a roll, which still had 2 pictures and after that with totally anew roll, that I had inserted just before having the problem with the shutter. Once I "fixed" the shutter problem and checked that everything is fine and working properly in multiple mode - without the back as if with the polaroid back- I put the film back on the camera, and when I tok the sliding insert - the vole- which covers the film- ooooppps the back started revolving the film and eventually the film was entirely on the taking spool, so I had to throw it away and no picture was taken.
    I have an older version, not the film Holder III N- which I plan to buy but later on...- but the Mark I and II version on a Mark III body, this is what I bought
    So I would like to kindly ask you
    - whether you know what can cause such a behavior
    - and if it is also normal - I think it is as I read it somewhere in a foum and confirmed by astrosmith22,the Japanese sellere on ebay - that the older version of the film back when used on the GX680 III does not "memorize" the exposed frames, so if I take it out and put it back it starts from 0 again. But still it shoud work
    I would much appreciate your help again, as I am in Estonia, and nobody nobody knows this camera and even the Fuji service seems has forgotten about its existence here in the Baltics.
    I loved the polaroids and I would like to get used and to know about the diff movements before moving maybe to a large format in the future.
    Thanks in advance,
  2. StephenT

    StephenT Member

    Jan 21, 2014
    Multi Format
    Did you ever get an answer? If the battery is dead in the old model backs, they are easy to replace, relatively. Without the internal battery, the back loses track of how many exposures have been taken.
  3. feanolas

    feanolas Member

    May 17, 2011
    For the sake of anybody wondering if older backs work with a MkIII (like I did before buying one)... yes, they do work perfectly ! I guess the OP had a dead battery AND a problem with the back not detecting the start of film. If one puts a backing paper without a film for test purposes, the film is loaded till the end.