Group outing like Per's Joshua Tree NP meet up?

Discussion in 'Social Groups' started by Todd Foster, Dec 20, 2014.

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    Any interest in some kind of group outing like Per's annual Joshua Tree meeting?

    I live near Joshua Tree but I've long been interested in a trip to Parker Dam, a couple of hours past JTree. Been there, but never photographed there. Drove through Parker Dam on return from the 5 Churches workshop and was very impressed by the hilly mountains, the water locations, and the reported presence of burros and I think wild horses. Seemed like a great, close enough photo trip area to return to. I will revisit and get current motel and camping info if there is interest in a group meet up at Parker Dam this Spring of 2015. A trip there before the hot Summer weather and vacation hordes seems a good idea.

    I'm saturated with Joshua Tree, but would attend an informal meetup to remember what it was like when Per was with us.

    Best, Todd Foster.
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    Feb. was the month for the Per meet up and I have thought about getting out there with the 5x7 , wind is the only offset. Anybody game?