HASSELBLAD 1000f Polaroid Back

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    Dec 2, 2009
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    ok so i've got a 1000f; all is well. but i'm looking to get a polaroid back for it.

    can someone educated on the subject please give me a rundown on the whole thing?

    what polaroid backs (if any) will fit the 1000f? what polaroid film type should i use? is polaroid film still available enough that it would be worth it to get a back? where is a good place to buy from? et cetera....

    please let me know! i'm looking to make a purchase soon.

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    Jul 23, 2007
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    You will have noticed how on the back of the 1000 F, above the wind gear, a little pin shoots out briefly when you wind the camera.
    Film magazines, including Polaroid magazines, must have a hole to allow that to happen.

    The early, 1000-series magazines had a catch that needed to be tripped by that pin to allow winding (reason why you shouldn't use those behind a 500-series or later camera: it will wind, but also force the catch mechanism, breaking it).
    Later magazines, though no longer needed when used with 500-series or later cameras, still had that hole.
    But after a while, it disappeared.

    The Polaroid magazines do not have that hole, so cannot be used on a 1000 F.