HeNe/RLD and Infrared Imagesetter films

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    Sep 10, 2011
    I do some offset printing on small printing presses and I own an imagesetter that is used to make large films from which printing plates can be burned. I have some old HeNe/red laser diode imagesetting film that has been lying around for a while and that I probably wouldn't use for making films for printing plates at this stage. maybe also a box of infrared sensitive film.

    I was thinking of cutting some of this film down to 6.5 x 9cm sheets to use in my old Zeiss Ikon Maximar A (having recently acquired some film holders for this).

    I wonder if anyone has ever experimented with such types of films to produce continuous tone stills, and if so, what process you used. I figure the ISO speed is likely very slow - maybe ISO 5 or 10 or similar to printing papers. I can use a dark green safelight with these films. The spectrum indicated "rld or infrared" really just describes the type of laser imagesetter the film is designed for - I believe the film is actually sensitive to a much broader spectrum in each case (the films certainly expose in white light).

    Ideas/comments welcome. I have at least one 100ft x 9in roll of the red laser diode stuff to play with.