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    Last night I gave a talk to a local club and got talking to the Chairman about photography. He told me that he has an Ilfoprint Rapid Processor to dispose of, as below. He stresses that it's a wonderful piece of kit, but of course more for a collector than a user (although seeing what APUGers can do, I'm not so sure....) It's free to anyone who will collect it and he lives in Plymouth, Devon. Anyone interested, please contact me for details.

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    ILFOPRINT RAPID PRINT PROCESSOR Model 1502 Takes paper up to 15 inches (38cms) wide 240v single phase constantly rated geared motor.
    Overall size 76cm wide. 27cm deep. 14cm high

    Beautiful condition, fully working. British made with high grade rubber rollers and stainless steel chassis throughout. Complete with automatic reservoir bottles to keep trays topped up. Outside case slightly scuffed on the top RHS.

    The Ilfoprint system was introduced in 1960. It was developed primarily for press photography and would deliver a B&W damp dry stabilised print in about 40seconds. The print could be permanently fixed at any time later with a 20min soak in fixer with a 30min wash.
    It relied on a special paper that had the developing agent in the emulsion. The first bath of the machine was a caustic alkali solution that activated the developer, the second bath was conventional rapid fixer.

    No instruction booklet but operation is very simple: Fill up, switch on, feed papers. At the end of the session: switch off, remove cover, drain, disengage clutch from motor drive, lift off roller unit and wash under cool running water. Wash trays. Allow to drain dry and reassemble.
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    Steve, I used one of those for quite a few years with the early Ilfoseed papers which were developer incrporated. I made my own stabilser and used Hypam instead of stabiliser.

    Ilford were very crafty at the time and didn't publish the fact that the new Ilfospeed papers could actually be used in Rapidoprint processors because they wanted to sell the newer Ilfospeed processors.

    I used mine for a few years until the papers changed with the removal of the incorporated developing agent, I must have processed thousands of prints with it.