Logan Graphics Mat Cutter #650 - Framer's Edge, 40"

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    Jan 13, 2006
    For sale is an almost-never-used Logan Mat Cutter, Framer's Edge, 40 inch, model 650.
    Everything is complete, including all accessories and more than 100 extra blades. This mat cutter performs flawlessly. The original cost was $600, plus $20 for the extra blades.
    The average cost for an 11x14 custom cut mat in my area of NJ is about $15, so if you cut about 30 mats yourself, this mat cutter will pay for itself. The best part of cutting your own mats is that when you cut a large mat, say 16x20, the inside cut is now perfectly fine for use in cutting smaller mats.
    The savings are enormous.
    I would prefer to sell it locally in NYC/NJ, so it could be a face-to-face transaction, but shipping or delivery arrangements are possible to any location.
    $350, including local delivery.
    PM me for shipping costs to other destinations.

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