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    Hi all,

    Sorry if this is a bit promotional (and I know it has been posted before in other threads), but I think this project still deserves more attention here on APUG especially after the Kickstarter funding failed, as it is still a full ongoing project.. Please note I am not involved in this project in any way, I just think it is a wonderful initiative.

    So, after last week receiving my "reward" print for a donation of $100,- in support of this project, I thought it a good time to create a new thread :wink:, especially as with a mammoth project like this, they sure can use all support they can get. Hope the moderators will be tolerant one last time for this...

    The Photo Palace Bus
    The Photo Palace Bus is a project by photographers and artists Anton Orlov and Ryan Kalem. They intend to convert an old American Gillig school bus in a full working mobile analog darkroom with the intend to drive it for a year through the entire US (well, except Alaska maybe... :blink:). It will be both a working place for them, but also an educational / meeting place for analog photography, including workshops to spread the knowledge of traditional hand printing and film photography. They will include a north light studio as well, attached to the bus as a temporary studio work space. Anton and Ryan are now fully in the realization stage of the project, building up the interior after fully stripping the bus. An artist impression image of what it might look is included below, and some real images of the ongoing work. Of course, since they will be living in this bus for a year, hardware and plumbing for conveniences is the first to go in together with the stuff for supporting the darkroom. I love the updates they have on their blog:

    I also love the attention to detail on construction. They take it very seriously, and don't just throw in some stuff in an empty bus, but make sure it will be fully functional and beautiful as well. It should be a great space for promoting analog photography once finished from all I can see up to now.

    Some photos below. Also a video about the project. And there is a nice interview with Anton on the PhotoStudious website as well.

    You can donate through Paypal, see this link on their blog:

    The video about the project:

    The Gillig bus under a protective cover:

    Artist impression of future interior:

    Real construction photo's:


    The beautiful hand printed rewards by Anton for my donation are visible in the attached photo below by the way...

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    What a great project. Thanks for posting this.
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    Ya ... posted on my Facebook wall. Great project.