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    Jul 3, 2008
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    I am currently converting a Nikon F (great camera) from an SLR to an
    non-viewfinder leica screw camera. I have removed the front casting and
    mirror box reducing the weight by 250 grammes. I have made a new front
    panel from brass( I had planned to use aluminium for light weight but
    got impatient waiting for it to come by post and used what I already
    had in stock). I plan to use a Voiglander Heliar 15mm lens so lack of
    rangefinder shouldn't be a problem. I had originally intended to try to
    include one, see my earlier posts, and even acquired one through the
    kindness of another group member but realised my limitations before I
    had wasted too much time. The Heliar viewfinder will fit in the recess
    at the top of the camera (see photo). I am trying to keep the
    size and weight down as much as possible. The lens mounting ring in the
    photo will have to be reversed in order to achieve the Leica lens
    register of 28.80 millimetres but it can be done! One advantage of
    removing the mirror assembly is the reduction in noise, I intend using
    this camera for candid photography. I used to use a Contax II and it
    seems comparable if my memory is correct. So far I have done it all on
    my own but any input would be appreciated.

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