New Keith Carter Book - "A Certain Alchemy"

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    For a while now, Amazon listed the release date of new Keith Carter book, A Certain Alchemy, as October 1st. I called Wittliff Gallery Press @ UT Austin, and it appears it won't be released until later this month.

    I am trying to obtain an advanced or reviewer's copy, and would like to submit a review of the book to post here. But before I do, would anyone else like a crack at it, especially someone here who has some previously published reviews under their belt? I know there are a number of hardcore KC fans here on APUG.

    I, for one, would LOVE to see more lengthy book reviews by analog photographers here on the site, written by us.

    If anyone would like to submit an article or book review on KC's new book or on KC himself, and if I can get a hold of a review copy (I should know by early next week), I will gladly send the copy over to them to write it up. Otherwise, I'll try to tackle it myself.