Om-10 and blank frames

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    Yesterday we had a four street garage sale and I was out in force and shot 4 rolls on a Yashica MC and an Olympus OM10 I used Olympus 35/70 and 75/150 zooms on the OM-10 both of which gave me fine pictures. But the shots I made with a Soligor 400mm were blank on the same roll as the other shots. I had this happen when I got the lens using my other OM10 and thought it was the camera some how. I mean for a BGN from KEH for $30 I didn’t expect needle sharp shots, And when used with my OM-1’s it works fine Opening the back and cycling through manual, automatic etc the shutter opens the mirror goes up and I can see the aperture. When I say blank I mean zilch nada ,no image, I was shooting HP5 in bright sun , even if I goofed and shot at a 1/1000 at f/32 I would still have recorded something! The edge marks are normal and all four rolls were developed together in Claytons f-76 and are perfectly normal in contrast and density. I prefer the OM10 in automatic when shooting under rapidly changing light conditions . But the 400mm has some strange aversion to those cameras apparently. Anybody heard of anything like this?