Optical Glass Price List and DIY lens

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    Here is a price list of some of the optical glasses .
    Cost start from 50 dollars for 6 kilogram of BK 7 and goes on.
    Water jet cut is available at this supplier and you can create giant anamorphic lenses with the help of single spherical lens.
    All you need is two cylindrical lens elements with Galile design and single ordinary lens.
    I found that Panasonic sells Anamorphic attachment to be screwed on lens filter gate and cost used 500 dollars.
    I am not good with softwares but It is possible to find many free softwares and their forums to design your 6 surfaces lens. OSLO have a free version and world class moderator at their forums.
    There is even simpler way , You can grind two flat glass surfaces each other and one positive , one negative surfaces could be produced. Galile saw Mars with this 500 years ago.

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    Winlens is another lens design software. There is a free version.