original price of durst m805

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    does anyone know the original price for a new m805 bw with 2 kondensors, the femocon and all negatve masks?
    kind regards, a.
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    Nov 7, 2005
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    The last 2003 price info I have from JOBO USA who were Durst distributors:
    M805 BW 2,099.00 without accessories
    Femocon 50 condensor 159.00
    Bimacon 75 condensor 399.00
    Bimacon 80 condensor 669.00
    Bimaneg adjustable carrier 345.00
    Bimena 69 negative mask 40.00
    Bimena 67 negative mask 40.00
    Bimena 66 negative mask 40.00
    Bimena 35 negative mask 40.00
    Bimagla AN glass for Bimaneg carrier 28.00
    Neriotub lensboard 18.00
    Seriopla lensboard 18.00
    Dulamp 150w bulb 13.00

    Durst still sells factory brand-new M805 color enlarger kits from their online website, with free shipping, starting at $3400 US:
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    thank you very much!