Photogravure 2008

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    Ik vond deze 'advertentie' op het engelse forum. Ik heb mezelf reeds aangemeld voor de workshop (7-12 juli). Er zijn nog een paar plaatsen vrij.

    Photogravure 2008

    Every summer Light on Paper arranges a series of 6 day work-
    shops during July, this year there will be 3 causes held in week:
    28, 29 and 30, on the following dates:

    # 1 July 7th to 12th
    # 2 July 14th to 19th
    # 3 July 21th to 26th

    The course takes place at our studio with space for 6 participants
    at a time. The course is ´learning by doing´in which the students
    make their own photogravure under instruction.

    We work through the whole process from making the enlarged
    positive, with a negative of your choice, preparations of the
    printing plate, incl. aquatint coating, exposure and transfer of
    the gelatine tissue, development, etching of the plate and finally

    Fee: Euro 430 All costs of material are included.

    Visit for how to attend

    Bølle Yan Skotting