Project Basho Newsletter October ’10: Inward, Outward, and ONWARD

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    Mar 23, 2009
    Fall Lecture Series: Save the Dates!

    We are pleased to announce a four-part lecture series to take place over the following weeks. As our fall semester of classes and workshops progresses, we will be hosting a handful of outstanding artists and educators to teach weekend workshops which will be accompanied by artist talks and book signings. The lectures will take place on Friday evenings at 7pm, from Nov 5 - Dec 3. Admission is $10 for the general public, $5 for students and members, and free for workshop participants.

    Speakers and dates:

    • 11/5: Sandy King - landscape photographer, printer specializing in carbon transfer, kallitype, and palladium printing, and historian of photography.
    • 11/12: Shelby Lee Adams - acclaimed environmental portrait photographer and current Guggenheim fellow.
    • 11/19: Henry Horenstein (Tentative) - noted documentary/fine-art photographer and author of many monographs including Honky Tonk, Animalia, and most recently SHOW.
    • 12/3: Larry Fink - renown documentary/fine-art photographer, author of Social Graces, Boxing, and other monographs, and guest juror of ONWARD '11.
    For more on our exciting fall lecture series, including up-to-date information regarding dates and locations, please visit our event page.

    Sneak Preview of 2011 Destination Trips

    We are excited to announce that we will be leading two destination trips in 2011. In May, Project Basho will be partnering with Cow House Studios to offer an extraordinary shooting excursion in gorgeous County Wexford of Ireland! Participants will stay at the Cow House Studios' beautiful premises which are situated on a 200-year-old, 180-acre, family-owned farm about 2 hours south of Dublin.

    We visited the farm-cum-artspace last week and were thoroughly impressed, both by the breathtaking beauty of the landscape and the inspiring vision of the organization. More images from the trip can be viewed on our Flickr page. The week-long trip will provide room, board, digital & analog studio usage, and in-country travel and is scheduled to begin on May 7, 2011.

    In September, we are planning a trip to Kanazawa and Noto Peninsula in Japan. The excursion offers a rare glimpse of traditional countryside living in a quickly modernizing Japan. Check back to our website in the coming weeks for more information on both of these exciting destination trips for photographers.

    ONWARD '11 Goes Abroad

    ONWARD '11 our annual competition for emerging photographers is steadily gaining momentum both in the US and abroad. In our efforts to expand ONWARD's reach we recently added a Japanese-language section to the ONWARD site. Many submissions have already arrived from across the globe including Denmark, Italy, the UK, Canada, and Australia! Our goal is for ONWARD to become a venue for outstanding international photography which will encourage artistic dialogue across continents and cultures.

    In an effort to bring greater exposure to selected artists, we recently partnered with the West Collection, a private art institution whose mission is to introduce innovative young artists to the public, and they have agreed to purchase one of the selected photographs for their permanent holdings. In addition to this, images from ONWARD '11 will be exhibited online through several of our media sponsors including Fraction Magazine, PhotoArts, Visura, Flak Photo, and SeeSaw Magazine.

    We are even working with one of our international partners to have the ONWARD '11 exhibition travel abroad! Stay tuned for more information on this development shortly.

    The Big Fish Looms

    Congratulations and thanks goes to Victor Keen, our lucky 300th student of the year! Last month we announced our special giveaway prizes to thank all the students that have helped Project Basho achieve incredible growth this year and we quickly reached our first goal of 300 students. Victor, who is currently taking Photographic Vision Digital I, will receive a special edition Diana F+ toy camera. Happy shooting Victor!

    2010 is not over yet though, and the big fish is still out there! We have an exciting schedule of classes and workshops in the works for Spring 2011 and if we reach our second goal of 365 registered students by the end of the year, the lucky 365th student will receive a free class or workshop to take with a friend. Additionally, every student from 2010 year will receive a small gift as a token of our appreciation.

    For more information visit our student appreciation page and preview our next semester's offerings.