Slide printers for Polaroid 669 Film

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    Aug 2, 2007
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    How do the various slide printers stack up for use with Polaroid 669 film?

    I hear a lot about using the Daylab and Vivitar units but much less about the Sunpak unit. Are there others as well?

    I just recently acquired a Sunpak unit which seems to be in great operating condition. It has a zoom and a fold out projection screen. I intend to use it for my first try at emulsion lifts and transfers.

    I have two main questions...

    1. Will my Sunpak provide as good (or better) results than the Daylab and Vivitar units?

    2. Do any of you have experience with the Sunpak unit and/or can point me to someone or some literature that can provide me some advice in getting started.


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    Mar 23, 2006
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    I have a Sunpak Polaroid Printer. It was not in great shape when I got it, though a little clean-up helped. Most costly item was replacing the bulb. I would suggest not leaving it on, though leave it plugged in to keep the fan running, then only turn on the bulb just before you need it.

    The focus is not super accurate, so sometimes rocking the wheel back and forth a little can get it better in focus. Be sure the slide holder is seated nicely before doing this.

    The zoom feature is great for doing crops. It can allow you to make some interesting compositions, if you are doing Polaroid manipulations.


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