The MPP MicroTechnical MkIII

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    Since buying Basil Skinner's book, The MPP Story, about 4 years ago I have gradually accumulated number of Micro Precision Products cameras . In that context it has turned out to be a very expensive but very enjoyable book. When the chance came to add a Micro Technical Mk III to my collection a few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to be highest bidder at what I regarded as a fair price.
    As with any internet purchase there is always some degree of uncertainty as to exactly what you will end up with. However despite the fact that the seller said the camera had been in a cupboard for 40 years I am very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the camera. The bellows in particular are in super condition as is all the internal chrome and paintwork. The Kalart rangefinder is accurate with my 150mm Xenar and remains clear enough to use although there is a small lateral displacement which needs a tweek. Despite the fact that many people seem to regard the Mk VII as the camera to own I have to say that I am very impressed with the build quality of the MkIII. For most purposes (except roll film back use) it remains a very well made and versatile instrument, not unlike the early Linhof MkIII Technika.
    At some point in its history the original leather has been replaced by a blue leather covering. The job is not perfect but is certainly adequate.
    My biggest surprise came when I checked the serial number to enter onto the spreadsheet that I maintain for my collection. It turned out to be 2260 which is the very last in the range quoted for MkI to MkIII in Mr Skinner's book.

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