Wet Plate Collodion Workshop

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    Wet Plate Collodion Workshop: Reliving the Future
    Art Association, Jackson, Wyoming USA; 20-23 July 2010; Tue - Fri 9:30am - 4:30pm

    This four-day, intensive hands-on workshop will introduce students to the mid-19th century photographic process called wet plate collodion with a contemporary twist. Students will create ambrotypes and tintypes using modern and vintage photographic equipment (provided). Each step of process will be taught – from basic operation of a large format collodion camera, to preparing, exposing, developing, and varnishing a plate. How the collodion process sees light differently than film or digital will be demonstrated. The modern twist is that students will also be introduced to making fine art digital prints from their collodion plates. Along the way, students will gain an appreciation for the history of photography as they create one-of-a-kind, three-dimensional almost sculptural objects and learn how to reprocuce their images digitally. This approach uniquely converges the best of the old and new from several centuries of photographic technology into a single workshop experience.

    Instructor: Todd Vinson is an artist and engineer currently based out of Leonardtown, Maryland. He has worked almost exclusively in wet plate collodion since 2000. He received his wet plate collodion training from master collodionists, France Scully Osterman and Mark Osterman of Rochester, New York. He was chosen Excelsus Laureate of his 2009 Savannah College of Art and Design (Atlanta campus) commencement class, where he received his MFA in Photography. His work is also part of the school’s permanent collection. Todd's collodion images have been exhibited in The Center for Fine Art Photography, Colorado, Tilt Gallery, Arizona, Mills Pond Gallery, NY and multiple galleries throughout Atlanta. Todd’s work has been internationally recognized, and is currently part of a two-year alternative process traveling exhibition. He has over 20 years experience in the art and science of photography. Artist website: http://www.toddvinson.org/

    Cost: $400 ($375 Art Association members)

    To register: Contact Art Association at http://www.artassociation.org/ or 307.733.6379

    Deadline for registration is 21 June 2010.