What did you fix today? (part 2)

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    3-4 days ago, the parts FT3 arrived. Pulled the nameplate and put that onto the FT3 I already had. Then, I remembered that I still had those two Nikomat FTn bodies lying around. First time, took the mirror box from the chrome parts body. Swapped it in. Everything synched up and the shutter worked along with the mirror. But, while trying to reinstall the focusing screen assembly, wound up breaking the string for the shutter speed index strip. That wouldn't do. Next evening (Tuesday), I grabbed the black FTn that I turned into a "panda" camera. Pulled all the parts necessary to remove the mirror box without removing the prism, focusing screen, etc. Removed it. Swapped it into the FT3 chassis.


    The result. Looks like an FT2 with FTn nameplate and all-metal advance/self-timer levers. Also has the early FT series mirror box rattle, so it sounds like a pre-42xxxxx serial FTn when fired. I have a black baseplate. Just need to find a black top cover and an undamaged black Nikomat FTn nameplate (may use a black Nikkormat FTn plate - have one that's clean). Leatherette needs to be glued down. Will do that once I have an extra late FTn rewind-side piece - The FT3 piece is cut for the black lens release button surround, which is larger.