Who is this Bob Carnie character starting all these threads.

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    Glad you asked

    I am co owner of Elevator and responsible for organizing this Workshop.
    Day to day I am a photographic printer , and I want to bring skilled instructors to our client base here in Toronto,,, Ontario Region of Canada,,, and through APUG and other forums , have been fortunate enough to meet some very talented, dedicated and fun photographers who I enjoy being around.

    A major project I am working on is starting with the October Workshop.

    Elevator is now just completing the Dylan Ellis Gallery and we plan to bring world class photographers to our home and let our clients, community see what great, first class imaging is all about.
    2009 I am bringing my dear friend Les Mclean to Canada to join our team here at Elevator. Over the last few years Les has spent many weeks here and has made an impression on Laura, Barney Lucy and I , all of my direct family, Elevator staff and our clients. Both Les and I over long discussions have decided to go for gold with our printing experiences to allow Elevator the ability to work with photographers world wide and by leaning on Les and mine experience's produce lovely photographic prints, whether in colour or black and white, digital or analoque, we are setup and ready to take on all projects directed at us.

    The first show at the Dylan Ellis Gallery will be work by my partner Kevin Viner and will be prints made by Dylan and myself late last year. This Gallery is dedicated to our very dear friend, who we so very much miss and love.

    Our mandate will to show work in this gallery that is of the finest quality available and both Les , Kevin and I cherish where this work is hanging and will do our utmost to keep the quality at its highest, and I do know Dylan would approve.

    Our second show is Joe Cornish that Les and I will print together, and our third show will be Bill Schwab. * Les and I will be working together with each artist to bring out each persons paticular style that they envision.*

    so thats it, I want to kick off with a workshop, intice photographers from all points to come and meet us in a working , educational enviounment and hopefully print for those who want to enter a gallery market in their areas.

    All questions about the mechanics of this workshop, Joe's/Bills Show ,The Dylan Ellis Gallery , or printmaking can be directed here or to bob@elevatordigital.ca.
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    Let me be the first to wish you guys the all the best on this teaming-up, what a complete dream team!!