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  2. National Camera Tent Sale
  3. Moving Back to Minnesota
  4. Anyone want a roll (or 2) of photo blotting paper?
  5. Sailing ships in Duluth Harbor
  6. Help A Fellow MN APUGer! Vote For Me!
  7. Slide sorting light box in Mpls area (free)
  8. LF backs and Film Holders on CraigsList
  9. Used Gear Swap in Inver Grove Hts.
  10. Anyone else getting sick of this weather?
  12. 4x5 CLA in the twin cities
  13. Used gear shops in the metro area?
  14. MN North Shore Winter Trip
  15. C-Prints in the Twin Cities
  16. Minnesota North Shore APUG Trip
  17. MN get together, or photo shoot?
  18. MF at Como Park Conservatory
  19. Beseler 23CII
  20. Enlargers FS (not mine)