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  1. Shutter CLA in Holland
  2. Photography in Greece
  3. Let's look for exhibition sponsorship together?
  4. Looking for a Rolleiflex Planar f2.8 or f3.5 about 400€
  5. Durst Laborator 138s with color head CLS 1000 (Berlin, Germany)
  6. Analoge Workshops in Europe?!
  7. Looking for partner
  8. HELP:Best place and/or method to develop C41 chromogenic film in South Germany ?
  9. Looking for expired BW 120mm film
  10. DIY Dev in Switzerland: requesting chemical help
  11. Film, Alt., Collodion, etc. Photographers in the Netherlands :)
  12. Looking for Ethol LPD in Germany
  13. Place to buy BW darkroom stuff in Hannover?
  14. Darkroom supplies in Brest, Finistère
  15. Is there a meeting group in Freiburg or Basel?
  16. Help with translation (to French and German)
  17. [WTB] MB-22 pack for Nikon F4
  18. Places that sell/develop film in Vienna?
  19. Couch Surfing in Paris...
  20. CLOSER 2012 / Very large formats