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  1. Get together w/ jd callow in Toronto
  2. Fuji and Kodak "QuikLoad" & "ReadyLoad"
  3. Best E-6 processing in Montréal
  4. A moderator request to open a new Canada subforum for Québec?
  5. Anybody want to start a co-op to buy film, paper, chemistry etc. in bulk
  6. Studio Workshop in TO on June 22nd...
  7. RH Designs Timer and Enlarging Meter
  8. Commercial Camera Repair is gone
  9. Where to get Ektar in Toronto/Hamilton/Burlington?
  10. people in KW - 120 b/w, c41 and e6 processing?
  11. Gord MacArthur has Passed Away
  12. Where do you go to get your E6 processing?
  13. Yousuf Karsh exhibit at McMichaels
  14. The photo show at the Elevator - highly recommended
  15. SNAP '09
  16. Toronto Camera Show Jan 25th
  17. Stephen Bulgher Elected President of AIPAD
  18. Where can a person learn darkroom printing?
  19. Anybody know of a good Lab in Toronto for E6 processing
  20. Where can i rent a darkroom -> Ottawa