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  1. Were you shooting 4x5 downtown the other day?
  2. Toronto Film Shooters Meetup - Spring Event
  3. Toronto Film Shooters Meetup - Winter Event
  4. Camera repair in GTA
  5. Disappointed in Henry's
  6. Fall Toronto Film Shooters Meet - October 19th
  7. A sticky in this form for local "stores" who stock film, chemistry and paper?
  8. Toronto Lomography Store to Close
  9. Any labs in Toronto still doing colour prints from film rather than from scans?
  10. NuArc 26-1K Mercury Exposure System For Sale
  11. Local GTHA Schools that would be interested in a donation of darkroom equipment?
  12. Ansel Adams exhibit at McMichael's
  13. Signal Boost - Awesome nude model headed to Toronto
  14. Where to buy tween20 in Toronto, Canada
  15. Sink and Nova 8x10 Heated Slot processor - Pick up in Guelph
  16. Is Toronto Photographer friendly?
  17. Summer Toronto APUG Meetup
  18. Long lasting paper developer fo Nova slot processor
  19. Looking for an AGFA Clack locally - anyone know where I can find one?
  20. NEW E6 & C41 Processing Services in Toronto