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  1. Some pano's from a recent NSW (Australia) road trip
  2. Why it's so easy to shoot rocks
  3. First Photo from New Zone VI Camera
  4. Australian Pano's - Stanthorpe, Armidale, Melbourne
  5. Want to shoot the milky way in South Florida/Miami area! Where to go??? The keys?
  6. 4x5 Landscape
  7. 90mm on 4x5 is cool
  8. Currumbin Sunrise on film - Jan 1 2014
  9. A rock and some tress
  10. A ship, some water & a slow lens
  11. Antarctic pics
  12. Ever found something looking back at you in the print?
  13. First 35mm
  14. How do you approach composition when photographing trees?
  15. Not sure where to post this
  16. Cloud Break
  17. Bob Ross and Joy of Painting
  18. More panoramic film scans (Brisbane and Cairns, Australia)
  19. Storm on the Mountain
  20. A High Country Evening