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  1. Intimate reflections / Act photography
  2. Attitudes to nudity and photography as well as other art forms
  3. What is it we do as photographers?
  4. How to achieve Paul Himmel and Louis Faurer look?
  5. Interesting article: how make up was used to deal w/effects of early B&W movie stock
  6. Sharing some nude photos I like.
  7. Causing Pacemakers to Fuse !
  8. Tips for photographing tattoo with B&W films
  9. Nude in Galli Style
  10. OOps
  11. Zivity - a rather niche photo/art site - free trial
  12. any ideas for photo session with death metal band?
  13. Wanted to get some feedback on this
  14. What was that style of photography? Early 1900's.
  15. Working distance between you and your subject.
  16. Zombie Fashion
  17. Lilly Cole in Playboy
  18. The Power of Nudity??
  19. recent work
  20. I'll start this one