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  1. Come meet us at Photokina 2014, Cologne, Germany 16-21 of September
  2. Jobo 07083 White retaining clips are now back in stock!
  3. New www.Jobo.com website (all manual data still available)
  4. CL81 - An 8X10 sheet film processing reel Pre order now live!
  5. Papersafe #02: Keepers of the dark - pre order page and artist print special now live
  6. New LF cameras, lenses and holders section on the CatLABS web store is now live
  7. Papersafe #02: Keepers of the dark - Pre order + collaboration with Gyroscope prints
  8. 43rd Annual International Camera & Image Show in Chicago IL May 04, 2014 10:00-15:00
  9. Processor Clean II is now in stock
  10. Papersafe #02: Keepers of the dark - call for submissions is now open
  11. RESTORED and modernized Polaroid land pack cameras now in stock
  12. CL81 - an 8X10 sheet film processing reel Kickstarter is now live!
  13. Come meet Jobo USA at SPE National in Baltimore March 7-8!
  14. New video posted: How to reset the thermal overload safety fuse on Jobo processors
  15. Papersafe: #01 'Sage' kickstarter project is now live!
  16. Price drop on many new Jobo items
  17. Jobo on Jobo: "The photo contest" full film now posted
  18. CatLABS special: (+) PLUS upgrade for all Jobo CPE2 machines
  19. Jobo Expert drum demo video posted - have a look inside an expert drum.
  20. CatLABS C-41 3 bath back in stock