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02-25-2012, 11:46 AM
Made their way to my postbox:

Delphine Lopez - "Brighton Marina". Lovely scene, and well executed

Rachelle/mooseontheloose - "Paro Festival Dancer #2". Good to see a square shot, on paper I will never get to use (Fujibrom)

Rob Skeoch - "Resting in the shade" So this is ART 300...interesting, I hope we will get this locally, it's something else this paper...I like.

Thank you all

Looking forward to the rest

02-25-2012, 06:13 PM
7 from 35.

Joel Farris - Dew in the pines. Great photo with the shallow depth of field. Have to agree with what Laurent has already said. The Fuji Archive paper has really stood up well to the riggers of the postal services.

??? - NYC USA. Panoramic style picture that brings back memories of the skyline I remember from my visits to this great city of 15 years back or more. The cropping of the image looks great to me on the card.

Terry Christian
02-26-2012, 01:49 AM
That's one you took on our walk isn't it?

Indeed it is! I think that particular camera (a Minolta SRT-200) has a sticking shutter curtain, so that's one of the few usable shots from that roll, unfortunately. But of course it led me to bigger and better Minoltas.

02-26-2012, 02:30 AM
I've received cards from seven photographers so far (plus my own). The following are the photographers, the Titles (either supplied, or guessed at by me) and my comments:

guitstik - "Dew in the Pines" - I like how the background hints at mysteries
anikin - "Prickly Card" - A colour contact print! - and a fascinating image of cacti
delphine - "Brighton Marina" - Beautiful, repeating patterns of boats, and very nice print
Rob Skeoch - "Haunted? House" - A wonderful print and an evocative scene
Steelbar - "Palouse Schoolhouse" - Lots of patterns and textures in a really well-done print - are you sure you are out of practice? :)
mooseontheloose - "Paro Festival Dancer #1" - Fascinating, exotic, full of movement and well printed too
Mike Wilde - "Folk Art Fish on Old Customs Terminal - Hamilton Harbour"; "Headshots Matrix"; and "Venice Beach Boardwalk - double exposure" - Another set of three very different cards from Mike - as usual on three very different papers. I like them all, but in particular I like how the school of fish resemble slightly the "school" of community theatre supporters

Thanks all - this as always has been great fun. I look forward to receiving the remaining 21.

02-26-2012, 03:30 AM
For those of you receiving NYC: I accidentally forgot to sign it - apologies to all.

02-27-2012, 05:20 PM
One more in the mail today, Beth (Winger) says she has a thing for leaves and I believe her. Interesting textural piece, I ended up holding it at arms length and squinting to get a feel for how it was arranged. Some nice use of negative space but I think a dark background would have made it stronger and the leaves would have "popped" more. The TMY is glossier than I prefer but it looks almost grain free and I may end up trying it out if I can still find it.

02-28-2012, 11:08 AM
Just got my offerings in the post - Here's to hoping they don't get mangled in the system.

02-28-2012, 12:16 PM
Today I found drpsilvers really great shot "Me, the bean, Chicago" in my letterbox. Is that a traffic mirror? Phantastic idea.

02-28-2012, 12:25 PM
Today's delivery was Christopher Coy's musical study.

02-29-2012, 09:34 AM
In no particular order, have received the following cards in the last week or so:

mooseontheloose "Paro Festival Damar #2" - Interesting shot, one I'd like to see on a bigger scale.
delphine "Brighton Marina" - Caught the mist coming in at just the right moment.
guitstik "Dew in the Pines" - Got a little munched in the post. At first, I thought the print had been toned, but I see it is on FujiColor Crystal. The result of using a chromogenic B&W film perhaps ?
drpsilver "Me, The Bean, Chicago" - A self protrait that kinda makes you look short :p
bluejeh2 "North of Merrit BC in a Ghost Town" - Like the sky. The burning in certainly adds "mood" to the shot.
bluejeh "Coffee Carafe" - A simple shot that probably took hours to set up. One I'd be happy to frame and hang on the wall.

Rob Skeoch
02-29-2012, 11:04 AM
Three arrived today.
Bruce McCaughey's Palous has such great detail in both the shadow and highlight areas, a very nice photo.
Darwin's Me, The Bean, Chicago shows the best quality you can expect from a Canon camera. Just kidding of course, but I work for Sony and couldn't refuse the chance. I realize it's a reflection in the mirror and very well done.
Rachelle's Paro Festival Dancer #2, when I first saw this I thought, where did she get a photo of my first girl friend flipping out because I was late, but then realized it was a great photo of a dance group. Well done.

Mike Wilde
02-29-2012, 03:50 PM
Christopher Coy – Chankachank/squeeze box. I can imagine the zydeco tunes emanating as the bellows reciprocate and the keys are depressed, and the player taps his boot to the time of the music as well. Good up close shot with a wide angle lens on fast film, with shallow DOF. It must be a dark little hive to hang in for breakfast, with the sweet sounds drawing you in.

DRPSilver – The Bean. A great shot from Millennium Park. I quite like how you have framed this to show the distortions in every direction. I wondered when I saw it how much the fabricator must have cursed the vision of the artist when it came time to actually make the thing and ship it to site and assemble it.

Bruce McCaughey – Abandon school. Oh, sad to see what was likely a once proud parochial school come to this. The shadow play on the façade and steps is most wonderful, and grabs you to look deeper right away. Then you start to look deeper and notice the boarded up windows, and lack of what must have been ornamental glass over the doors. Then you see the moss or whatever on the steps. Sad in way. I long for the past to stay around us in a meaningful way longer while all others I know only want a newer cel phone or tablet… If this is how you meant to strike the viewer, you have done it well.

Moose on the Loose Festival Dancer #1, Bhutan. Lots of liely action. I am sure the guys dancing vigorously with the masks on their heads are glad it is slightly overcast or shaded by adjacent buildings as much as the photographer, who I surmise took this location up looking for a fast shutter speed, yet good DOF, and lack of strong shadows. You don’t need any blur in the frame to know that these guys were really dancing, with the trio in the frame with nary a foot on the ground at the time this image was captured. Excellent balancing of all of the variables to grab this one.

Keep them coming folks. A real nice round so far.

02-29-2012, 04:20 PM
Thanks Mike!

03-01-2012, 12:36 AM
Yesterday I got two cards in an enveloppe form bluejeh and bluejeh2. I like Ed's Ghost town very much. I must have been a hard job burning such a small format. Judith's caraffe is a fine still life photo. Thank you!

03-01-2012, 06:30 AM
Pretty sure I also landed Steelbar's postcard today - in envelope from Canada, but unsigned. Looking forward to more soon.

Mike Wilde
03-01-2012, 08:26 AM
Yes, the bluejeh/bluejays (sic) landed on my doorstep last night.

Judith's arty carafe 'thing' is quite neat. Nice crisp highlights on the metal band, and control of glare on the balance of the glass. How the vessel inside the carafe got there, and what is does once incide the lareger vassel?? If this is a second vessel with liquid behind the first larger one, then the visual deception is most well done.

Ed's abandon building against the hill is very well done. I like the framing of the elements withing the image. The burn to put such wonderful detail into the clouds is almost flawless; only the 'aura' around the tree hints that there has been some waving of hands etc during printing.

This might be an image worthy of more manipulation. I would suggest this would be a great neg to start you on the path of what unsharp masking can do for an image of this sort to bring down the orerall dynamic range of the negative, and thus make it easier to print, particualrly when there is a quantity of prints to be made.

Terry Christian
03-01-2012, 09:48 PM
I, too, just today received the envelope from bluejeh/bluejeh2 -- quite a yin/yang pairing of images that complement each other nicely. My only critique of Ed's image is that looks like it's been cropped too closely in printing, or framed too tightly when shot. I think it could have benefited from more generous spacing around the top and bottom. Judith's carafe is exquisite. I love the ornate detailing on the metalwork.

Rob Skeoch
03-02-2012, 09:59 AM
Thanks Judith Higham for the shot of the Coffee Carafe, very nice shot, I think I'll brew a pot right now.
Christopher Coy, I received your Chank-a-chank, you can almost hear the music if you hold the print up to your ear.
Ed Higham and the old building, such nice detail in the wood on this one.

Thanks everyone.


03-02-2012, 01:37 PM
02 Mar 2012

Today I found drpsilvers really great shot "Me, the bean, Chicago" in my letterbox. Is that a traffic mirror?

No it is not a traffic mirror. "The Bean" is a large sculpture in the shape of a kidney bean that has a smooth mirrored surface. There is not a planer surface anywhere on the sculpture, so everything is distorted. It sits in the middle of a large plaza in Millennium Park in Chicago

The cards that landed in my mailbox this week are ....
A photo of leaves from Winger. I like the shadows that give the print depth. Well done.
A print from Nige that successfully accomplishes something I have been trying to do - photograph a sunset/sunrise in black & white. Have you really participated in all the Postcard Exchanges? If so, WOW!!
Two prints from bluejeh and bluejeh2 of very different subjects. Nice sharp close-up of a coffee carafe and a photo reminiscent of Bodie here in California. What a combination - a connection to my favorite drink and one of my favorite subjects.


03-03-2012, 08:31 AM
I've got many cards this week, thanks to every body ! :

Bluejeh's Coffee carafe is a very neat shot, and the lighting is amazing !
Bluejeh2's landscape has a great feel of perspective, and the textures on the house are very nice.
Winger's leaves. The white background really helps the picture. I, too, have something for leaves, but never tried to shoot them "off location". This is something I have to try !
unknown's (unsigned card) color panoramic view of NYC. Wonderful cityscape, I hope I have the chance to go there somtimes.
Christopher Coy's Zydeco player. Neat composition for this closeup. I love accordion (not the "French typical" valse musette, but the diatonic one) and I'd really like to go there to listen to the music.
Drpsilver's self portrait "Me, The Bean, Chicago" is really amazing, with all the distortions.

Thanks !