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03-06-2012, 12:43 PM
I highly recommend everyone of you guys stopping by Joshua Cohen's store in Lafayette, Colorado!

102 E. Cleveland St. Suite 100
Lafayette, CO 80026
(the south east corner of Cleveland and Public, just south of Efrains's)

Even though he's in the startup phases, you could spend a whole heap load of time there. Love that place.

03-06-2012, 01:03 PM
I'm a long way away from there but would like to know more and be supportive of the effort... Like a customre who buys and sells stuff. About to sell of some Hassy stuff and maybe we can strike a deal.

03-06-2012, 01:12 PM
What's he got going on? Buying and selling used gear? I'll be in Broomfield this weekend and would like to check it out.

Rick A
03-06-2012, 06:35 PM
I've purchased from him online thru ebay, he's honest.

Derek Lofgreen
03-07-2012, 10:29 AM
No way! I only live a mile from there! I will go over there today if he is still open this evening.


03-07-2012, 10:36 AM
I've bought a couple things from him on Ebay too. I wish the store well!

03-07-2012, 10:38 AM
Good for him. He has chosen a difficult niche business but I wish him the best!

03-07-2012, 11:50 AM
His eBay auctions are sometimes overly optimistic on condition/valuation. His film prices seemed steep.

03-07-2012, 05:01 PM
His eBay auctions are sometimes overly optimistic on condition/valuation. His film prices seemed steep.

I'm not sure why you think his film prices are steep. Have you compared his prices to Mike's Camera? I paid $10.95 for a roll of Delta 400 in 120 at Mike's, and I think Josh was selling a roll for $5-6? I think this is also how much Denver Pro Photo charges. I mean, where else, other than Mike's Camera, Denver Pro Photo or Englewood Camera can you buy 120 film in Colorado? Compared to freestyle and B&H, you also don't have to pay shipping and wait however many days it takes for film to ship from the east coast.

Anyways, we need places like Victory Camera. There are many instances where I need film, or equipment NOW. He's also got a nice size surplus of medium format stuff, from Mamiya, Pentax, Minolta, etc., assorted 35mm gear, a great selection of 35mm/120 film, and a good amount of studio and camera accessory gear.

nice place to hang out, IMHO, and buy stuff.

edit: Oh, I see you don't reside in Colorado:P

03-07-2012, 06:04 PM
I have also dealt with Joshua in person and vouch for him and his business. I can't wait to check out his store either.

03-07-2012, 06:13 PM
Might have to check out his eBay store, I'm a bit far away in Florida but if I'm nearby sometime I'll stop in.

03-07-2012, 06:55 PM
I'll tell my friends around that part of the world, well, mountains.

Derek Lofgreen
03-12-2012, 02:11 PM
I work downtown and don't get back in the neighborhood until well after 5 in the evening, so I waited until this weekend to swing by and check out Victory Camera. I have to say I was pretty excited and then I got there..... it was closed. Hours are Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm. I was pretty bummed out when I saw that. I don't know if I will ever make it in there if that's the case. I understand it's probably a one man shop and it is just getting started so maybe it will change in the future.

On a positive note, I looked through the window and saw a fully stocked cooler of film, and some cameras on the shelves. There was also some other accessory gear going in too. It still looks like it is being stocked and set up so I am assuming it will have even more stuff as time goes on.

If you have time during the week, swing by and check it out but don't plan a weekend trip yet.


03-12-2012, 03:02 PM
Derek, thanks for the info. You saved me a wasted trip.

Worker 11811
03-12-2012, 04:05 PM
Hours are Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm.

If I might suggest, closing shop on Monday and opening on Saturday might be a better strategy.
If traditional photography was more of a mainstream thing, more business customers would patronize the business during the week but, since traditional photography is basically an avocation, these days, I believe opening on Saturday would invite more business from people who couldn't visit M/F-9/5. The loss of one weekday would, hopefully, be covered or even exceeded by Saturday's business.

Further, I would like to see this business develop a website. If he did, I'd be likely to patronize via the web.

As it is, now, I use Freestyle, B&H and, occasionally, Adorama. While these are all good places to do business, I would certainly add Victory to my list if I could. Regardless, it's almost always better to have more choices of businesses to buy from.

Fingers crossed! Let's hope that Victory means victory! :D

Derek Lofgreen
03-12-2012, 06:13 PM
It looks like he is selling online through amazon. See the store here (http://www.amazon.com/gp/browse.html?ie=UTF8&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&me=A250INSCYYEZ8W) if you want to buy from Victory Camera online. This is not a plug from me, I have never purchased anything from them/him, it's just an answer to Randy's post.


Marc B.
03-12-2012, 06:36 PM
If I might suggest, closing shop on Monday and opening on Saturday might be a better strategy.

If you are referring to Joshua Cohen's shop, there may be Sabbath reasons for being closed on Saturdays.

John Austin
03-12-2012, 06:47 PM
You have Tom's Rhinoplasty, why not Victory Camera as well?

Worker 11811
03-12-2012, 08:48 PM
If you are referring to Joshua Cohen's shop, there may be Sabbath reasons for being closed on Saturdays.

Whoops! I don't know him well enough to presume whether or not he would be open on Saturday. I didn't think of that.

Regardless, his prices on Amazon are competitive with the others and, in some cases, a bit better. I'll certainly put Victory on my list.

Victory Camera
03-12-2012, 11:02 PM

Thanks Paul for posting this and appreciate all of the positive comments. To the folks lamenting the limited hours, I understand the frustration but realize that we are just getting started with retail and I am still doing most of the sales myself. That said, if you want to come visit give me a call and I could stay late. In the future I plan to have more sales staff and more accommodating hours.

BTW: we are getting our sign installed tomorrow so we will be much easier to find,

Joshua Cohen

Victory Camera