View Full Version : FS: Microtek Artixscan 1800f w/ accessory trays(pickup only)

06-20-2012, 04:30 PM
hey all,

selling more unused equipment. Can't believe I have this stuff just laying around, doing nothing...

I need to sell this by Friday morning(this friday, ~36hrs from now). So I believe I've priced it accordingly?

Its a tad dusty from sitting on the shelf for the past year(turned on twice in that time). Comes w/ the power cord, FW400 AND USB cord(none are original cables, but work fine). NO SOFTWARE

Also has glass tray and the following "accessory" trays:

6x9 (holds 4 negatives)
4x5 (holds 2 negatives)
35mm film strip (2 strips of 6 frames)

$200 OBO picked up in person from me in east LA county. Cash only please.