View Full Version : Nude in the Landscape WORKSHOP Nov 10, 11 2012

10-21-2012, 07:43 PM
I'm instructing and hosting a two day workshop in November (10&11) at Joshua Tree.

I have one signed up and one pending so room for 2-4 more.

Now now...before ya'll go ballistic on National park permitting and such...
No I'm not going that route. It's an "informal" gathering but still a workshop...Get my drift?

I think this is an excellent opportunity if you've never worked with a model and always wanted to.

I have a form HERE (http://www.mpbcs.com/nudewksho.pdf) for download if interested.
Minimum participants to make it happen - 4
Maximum 6

The fee is $245
Film or digital welcome.
The form explains the rest.
Contact me here (a pm best) if you are interested. Thanks

I have a model signed up and she is a glamour/art model who has traveled the world with her work, and worked for Playboy and was recently on a cover of a magazine. She is experienced, and very comfortable shooting outdoors. Naked and nature just go together in her opinion. :)

10-23-2012, 04:37 PM
In case you didn't look at the PDF...
Each day you will get one hour of one on one time with the model, more if the minimum participants.
Only one person shooting at a time. Hourly rates are typically $85 and up per hour for nude, experienced models.