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Jon Goodman
12-15-2012, 12:13 AM
Hi folks,
What I've got here are a bunch of batteries. Specifically, I have 16 Fuji Novel CR2016 batteries dated 2004. They're all still in their original packaging, and random testing shows me the 8 or so I checked are in the range of 3.2 or a bit above that. Not at all surprising to me as these hold voltage a long time. What can you do with them? Lots and lots of things. If you have a child who will be doing a science project or if you would like to donate these to the science teacher, batteries like this will be very useful in any kind of electronic project involving leds, radio transmission, light circuits, sound circuits, any kind of detection or counting circuits, timing circuits, amplifier circuits, radio circuits, etc. Your car's remote entry device might use a battery like this, and even if this isn't the right size, you might be able to alter it to work as long as the voltage is correct. Same with your garage door opener. Some of those were designed to use these kind of batteries because they're flat and they long-lasting. Computer BIOS power supply? Sure. Lots of motherboards rely on batteries like this. Cameras? You bet. Many (like computers) use these type of batteries to store dates, preferences, etc. Let your mind run free. Have an electronic adventure. Get in touch with your youthful curiosity again! Invent some electronic circuits of your own, or contact me and I'll be happy to sell (or maybe give) you some I've designed over the years. Oh...by the way, those handy little convenience led flashlights you get for a dollar or so? Most of them are actually well-built devices meant to last a lot longer than their batteries do. When the batteries in yours go dead, look inside (like I've done below). You may find 2 of these will make it all happy again. They certainly would work for this one. Flashlight not included--simply shown so you could see how easy replacing the batteries in it could be.

$8 for all or 75 cents each plus actual cost of mailing.

Domestic sales only on these, please. There are limitations on sending batteries through the international mail, and these will require a customs form. Check/cash/money order.

J. P.
12-15-2012, 08:47 AM
PM sent

Jon Goodman
12-15-2012, 09:45 AM
These batteries are sold.