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01-02-2013, 03:20 PM
You know...it occurred to me: I've been on this site for more than a year and I've never shown any of you guys my photos. So, here's a set of some of my favourite photos from Summer 2012. I have such a backlog of negatives to go through that I really shouldn't post anything more recent until I can assess it all (which I am slowly getting to).

All of these were shot using a Nikon F80, F65, or F90. It amazes me some of the shots I was able to take with these photos, because of how loud they are (especially the F90). But, in certain cases, it has made me shy away because I knew I wouldn't go undetected and would get either something posed or something worse. I've been transitioning away from 35mm SLRs over the past few months - finally. I've now got a Yashica TLR and a Konica Hexar AF on the way, both of which should allow me to take even better photos in 2013.

First, B&W:

1. Ilford XP2

2. Ilford HP5+

3. Ilford HP5+

4. Ilford HP5+

5. Ilford HP5+

6. Ilford XP2 (My favourite photo of 2012)

7. Ilford XP2

8. Ilford HP5+

Happy New Year!

01-02-2013, 03:21 PM
I no longer shoot Ektar, but I used to use it a lot.

1. Fuji Superia 200

2. Kodak Ektar

3. Kodak Ektar

4. Fuji Superia 200

5. Kodak Ektar

01-04-2013, 12:01 PM
These subforums don't seem to get a whole lot of traffic on their own by people just browsing them, so I'll bump this in case nobody saw it in the New Posts and were interested in seeing the photos.

01-04-2013, 12:36 PM
These subforums don't seem to get a whole lot of traffic on their own by people just browsing them, so I'll bump this in case nobody saw it in the New Posts and were interested in seeing the photos.

Thanks. Nice work.

01-06-2013, 12:02 AM
You are right, you might not get much traffic in the sub-forums. I clicked on yours only because I'm Canadian.
The best place on this site to share photos, get feedback, and be inspired by what everyone else is doing, is in the gallery. I usually look to see what's new in the gallery before coming to the forums. Absolutely, definitely worth the paltry amount of money Sean asks for a subscription.

I've got a Yashica TLR. Even though it is quiet, it is not inconspicuous. A Nikon looks sorta similar to a DSLR to the casual observer, but a TLR will get you lots of looks, comments, questions. I'll predict right now that the first time you are out in public with it you will hear "my dad/aunt/neighbour had a camera just like that" and "can you still get film for it?"

I quite like the Canada Day shot. Looking forward to lying on the grass in the sun half a year from now.

01-06-2013, 02:15 AM
Thanks for the comments, guys.

Ok, good to know re:galleries. I'll keep that in mind if I want to post any more photos. I also should've clarified, my original post is a tad unclear. I have a Yashica-A TLR already (since November 2012), and now have a Konica Hexar AF on the way (should be here now in a day or two). I've gone out with the Yashica quite a few times already. I predict this thing to be a magnet when there's heaps more people out in the Spring/Summer. I get a lot of weird looks, a lot of congratulatory looks, a few come up to talk to me about it, which is a great opportunity to hear something interesting and get a shot or two out of it. You're right, it isn't invisible, but because it looks so peculiar to the onlooker, they have no idea generally what you're doing and how you're taking a photo (this isn't the case with people over 45, though). That being said, I do get noticed more often than I imagined I would have. The camera is very sharp and high quality (so much detail!), despite it being an "inferior" model to most, from the research I did prior to purchase.

Mark Crabtree
01-06-2013, 09:59 AM
One of the things I miss here is seeing photo threads. I know the galleries are there and poke my head in once in a while, but I'm spending more time lately at a forum where people post a lot of picture threads - various themes, sometimes gear based and sometimes idea based. Anyway, just wanted to say that it is nice to see some pictures.