View Full Version : Any Foma users?

M Carter
01-24-2013, 09:13 AM
Hopefully I'm not intruding on a "mix it yourself only" thread...

I'm about to start testing Foma on canvas; the Foma folks are usually pretty helpful with questions, but I seem to have stumped them...

I'm wondering about priming canvas for Foma... good quality artist's Gesso (most of which is latex based these days)? Oil? Oil-Alkyd?

I ask because Liquid Light docs are pretty specific regarding oil vs. latex. Foma's docs mention something epoxy based, but just as a general base for absorbent surfaces.

I can test several things, but that will show me short-term results, concerned with longevity.

01-24-2013, 10:13 AM
hi m carter

i've never used foma on canvas ( i do have a few KG of foma in the wings though )
BUT i do have a copy of the book " silver gelatin: a users guide to using liquid photographic emulsion "
it suggests using an alkyd primer and suggests it will fill in the pores in the fabric giving it a smooth leathery and
bright surface ... it also says if you want the texture of your canvas to show through, you can dilute it with white spirits.
it mentions the staples + tacks that are used to secure the canvas may cause contamination and they should be isolated + sealed
using a sealant ( silicon caulk ) after tacking to the frame ...

( you probably know this stuff already ... )

the book doesn't mention anything about archival-ness or durability. what do the folks at rockland say ?
i would imagine they might say something similar seeing they are similar ( kndasorta ) ...

if you call rockland's 800# the guy who answers the phone pretty much knows everything there is to know .. may be he can help.
( and knowing they are different emulsions you can make an educated guess ? )

good luck !

M Carter
01-24-2013, 10:29 AM
That's interesting - I imagine there's an alkyd primer for fine art use that's more thought-out than getting a bucket of primer at the hardware store. I'll give Rockland a try, they're different formulations but you never know - thanks for the info!