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01-26-2005, 11:18 AM
I still do not understand the subject.
Mark that's the challenge of this one. As technically everything we see and shoot is light and the lack of it, this one is almost limitless. The difficult part is trying to capture something different to do with light or a variations of lack of it. I've still not been able to nail down what or how to shoot yet but there's still time :)

01-26-2005, 11:40 AM
You missed the point, I meant only one thread per month. There was the other thread where the discussion started about february then this thread. I can't imagine the difficulty in doing one thread for february, then another thread for march and so on. Why a discussion and then a seperate thread all together for a vote?

I actually tried to address your point in the second message (sorry if this wasn't clear!), where I said:

To address these problems I started a February Challenge Suggestions thread and, once a goodly number of suggestions had been received, a February Challenge poll so that people could choose what they wanted to do. (I would have combined these two, but I don't think you can turn an existing thread into a poll...).

Rather have someone take a unilateral decision on which of the nine suggestions was selected, or a sort-of consent from some/most people reading a thread over a couple of days, I decided that a poll would be clearer and fairer. This meant having two threads, one to propose the suggestions and one to vote.

Personally, I think it worked out quite well (but we'll probably have to agree to disagree on that). I don't think having these two threads is too confusing and I propose doing the same thing next month (although I will post a msg in the suggestions thread when the poll opens and closes and I might ask Sean to lock the poll thread once the poll closes) unless I get a lot of objections and/or someone suggests a much better approach.

I suppose I could start a thread to poll on whether we should have a poll, but...! ;)

I still do not understand the subject.

I think the ambiguity is what attracted a lot of people (including me) to the theme. It will be interesting to see people's different interpretations.

All the best,


01-27-2005, 08:45 AM
Hey Poobah Frank I think you are doing a great job too. I'm not a very experienced photographer, but have put an image in. The moon is so bright you have to make it dark to actually be able to see it. In my mind it fits the theme, but it might just be my way of thinking. Sorry about the quality, it's my first serious attempt at a lunar photo.