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George Nova Scotia
05-08-2013, 07:27 PM
Early this morning (Atlantic Time) I received this question from one of our long standing members:

"Would it be possible to consider another option, beyond the max. I suggest the option "all" so that some may send to all subscribers to an APUG postcard exchange. I know that some participants cannot send very many, but there may be those of us who feel its important to share our work with all, just because we can, with no expectation of return from some. Not meant to push others into preparing more work than they can handle.

For those who would choose "all", you would send the whole list for that particular postcard exchange."

What are your thoughts? This could be an option for members who select the MAX. I know I've had questions in the past about why the MAX doesn't include everyone. This could give you the option to send to everyone -- but you'd still only expect to get the regular amount back.

Let us know what you think, can't promise anything for this round but you never know.

Mike Wilde
05-09-2013, 07:20 AM
Nice idea, George. I will stay away from it though.
I stick to my limit number to keep the printing and finishing to a couple of days after work for each round.
Life otherwise gets in the way.

Living somewhere that has a discunted postcard rate would certainly help in sending out more cards.
I try to budget for the paper and postage, to keep each round at a bit under $100.
I have stuck with this for something like the last 15 rounds, so that formula seems to be working for me.

05-10-2013, 01:29 AM
> each round at a bit under $100.

Taht is very much. Here in Germany I pay something for the paper, usually around 30c and something for the stamp, 75c. That gives some more than 1€ per card, and selecting max not more than 50€.

05-10-2013, 08:19 AM
I don't think I'd ever be able to accomodate that many cards purely for time reasons. If someone wants to send to everyone on the list with the expectation of only receiving cards from the MAX number by all means let them.

I do think you should keep MAX and ALL separate. MAX will still send the maxim number according to how many sign up and will receive the same number back. ALL will send to everyone on the list that signs up, but only receive cards up to the MAX number. AT least that makes sense to me.

$100 per round seems a lot to me too! A rough guesstimate to print and send 30 cards for me would be around $50, and thats being VERY generous.

05-11-2013, 10:36 AM
i haven't read through these threads talking about the numbers and process for participating in the exchange. after my first round i've always gone with the max and enjoyed making and sending my images, and "discovering" what showed up in the post box!

it cost me maybe ~$35 in postage, plus paper, chemicals and darkroom time! i certainly come out on top with the wonderful images that show up - real treasures.

i've never counted what i've received each round. i imagine there is a number beyond which it will not be feasible to produce and send. i don't know what that is, but time availability is the governing factor. Some rounds have been easier in this regard than others.

i do know the pleasure i get and would be happy to send more out based upon the joy i get in seeing the cards show up - no return card necessary.

george, thank you again for running this... and to each of you for participating.


05-12-2013, 11:38 AM
For us, we'd be "in" for the "all", but we do respect that perhaps some in this exchange would not select the "all" option, for whatever reason and that is ok too. bluejeh & bluejeh2.

George Nova Scotia
05-12-2013, 08:37 PM
Thanks to Ruediger the "ALL" option exists. As discussed it may not be for everyone, but it will give those that choose the MAX to sent to everyone. Usually just a few extra names.

I agree costs are something that concerns us all, and with ever increasing postal rates it may soon limit the number I send, but for now I'm still for the MAX and likley for ALL.

Thanks to all who replied.