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Jon Goodman
06-10-2013, 11:07 AM
I'm not talking about current US Dollars...I collect as many of those as I can and I suspect you do also.

I'm talking this morning about old coins and paper money...much of which belonged to my late father and gathered during WWII. Some of which belonged to another relative. Here's what I have, and since I'm by no means a collector, the condition of these has been determined by a common sense look and not much more than that. I did have to search on Google to see what peculiarities were associated with some of this.
1890 Queen Victoria Jubilee Head .925 Silver Shilling Very worn
1943 British half penny circulated & in good shape
1938 British half penny circulated & in good shape but has a small hole drilled in it (presumably so it could have been worn around the neck?)
1942 Aluminum Francs (qty 2) good condition
1943 Aluminum 2 Franc good condition
1945 British 1 penny circulated in good condition
1943 Two Shillings George VI silver very good condition (like most of the coins here it needs cleaning by somebody who knows how to do this)
1942 Irish penny. Circulated in good condition. Body of 2nd chick looks like it is missing
1940 Irish 2 shilling (Florin) Circulated and has odd scratches on it in places
1936 Sixpence (oak back) circulated good
1923 Belgique 1 franc circulated good
Franc notes:
2 Franc (small) 1944 good
5 Franc (small) 1944 good
5 Franc (medium size) 1943 ok condition
5 Franc (large with sailing ship) 1943 ok but shows pretty much wear
10 Franc (small) 1944 worn
10 Franc (medium) 1939 worn
10 Franc (medium) 1943 worn but ok
20 Franc 1940 worn and in fair condition
100 Franc 1939 worn and in fair condition

Japanese occupied China
10 Yen military note with red Chinese characters printed over the top of it. Ok condition, but oddly missing a spot on the back side. Date? Not sure, but from what I can tell, these were stamped "Military Note" in 1938.

Chile---6 100 Escudo Coins dated 1974/1975 Circulated and good to v. good condition.

Cinco centavos (2 coins) 1972 circulated and ok condition
20 centavos circulated ok 1971
1 peso circulated good 1972
cinco peso circulated good 1971
20 centavos circulated good 1976
5 centavos 1 is silver 1936 circulated ok
5 centavos 1 is copper 1969 circulated good

More from France:
1/2 Franc 1983 circulated good
10 Franc 1989 circulated good
5 centimes 1996 circulated good
10 centimes 1990 circulated good
20 centimes 1986 circulated good
10 centimes 1941 circulated poor--shows edge wear. This was the coin with the hole in the center

1937 One cent coin poor condition with a small hole near the edge, presumably so the owner could wear as a necklace.

Swiss (Helvetia) 1969 2 Rappen coin. Circulated good condition.

One Cinquante Centimes (50c) note. Dated April 6, 1944. Small cardboard note used during WWII for fifty cents in Morocco. Circulated but in good shape. From what I understand this is one of the world's smallest banknotes, and it was an emergency issue during the war.

PLUS...a small booklet of King George VI stamps (2 1/2d, 2d and 1/2d) dated 1944. This booklet was sold to US Servicemen stationed in Great Britain during WWII. In this booklet are 2 unused 2 1/2d, 4 unused 2d and 4 unused 1/2d stamps. All are ok, but some show wear from having been carried in a pocket. I'd say at least 3 or 4 of these would qualify as mint unused.

I'd like to get $10 plus the cost of postage for all of this. If you need images, I haven't made any, but I'll be happy to. Just let me know. The best way to contact me is to send an email to jon_goodman@yahoo.com


06-10-2013, 11:50 AM
PM and email sent.

Jon Goodman
06-10-2013, 12:38 PM
This appears to be sold.
Best regards,

06-10-2013, 01:59 PM
I have these Confederate notes at the moment:

69946 69947 69948

I like the first (CS-40) as it shows interest had been paid on the note. Someone had invested, then gotten a bit of money back before the South surrendered.

At one time, my collection included 315 unique types, going by their Freidberg numbers. I've been forced to sell most of them to pay medical bills.