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Jon Goodman
06-12-2013, 11:47 PM
So the story goes. This is a very nice Rensie art deco watch, and there is one thing that will keep this one forever unique among others...like the Homis, I designed the dial for this watch also. The original dial was still visible, but it was very boring, and I suspected someone along the line had re-done it and just missed the boat. What I saw for this one was much less ornate, much less detailed than some others I've designed, but I did not want to detract from the raised gold numerals so I went with a silver/matte cream combination with the cream inset outlined in a fine black line and large enough to be partially eclipsed by the subsecond area. My wife thought it was one of the best of the "understated dials" I ever designed and others have also complimented it. So what about this watch? Well, it is a 17 jewel Swiss movement built for or by the Rensie Watch Co. Rensie being Eisner spelled backwards. Paul Eisner started the company in the 1940s in West Germany. Some people can do this with their names, but not me. Can you imagine a watch company named Namdoog? I'm sure it would have gotten some laughs, but I can't see people actually wearing it on their wrists. At any rate this is a 10k gold colored case with super retro/art deco touches and a stainless steel back. This one always impressed me as an art deco style that flows well and should never seem dated. It is a bit larger than the others...more like the size that was so popular during the 1960s for men's watches and looks good with a casual shirt or a dress shirt. I can tell you it looks great with a denim shirt if you happen to have one of those. You'll need a strap, but that's all you should need. The crystal is clear and in nice shape, the watch seems to be running well (may have gained a minute or two since I wound it early this morning) and I'll bet you enjoy it.

Get $50 plus the actual cost of shipping in my hand (PayPal ok for international but check/cash/money order for people in the USA please) and you can be the new owner of this.

Questions? Please send me a message or an email to jon_goodman@yahoo.com

06-13-2013, 01:39 PM